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Preuss ponders use of the Sioux, other words

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
Trouble is here. I’ve been thinking again. Here are some of my meaningless thoughts.
I was having lunch with a friend (yes, I have friends), when he excused himself to go to “the little boys’ room.” I thought, why does the sign on the door read “Men”?
The University of North Dakota was called “The Fighting Sioux.” To be politically correct, they are now called “The Fighting Hawks.”
To my thinking, Fighting is OK. Being a Sioux is not. Therefore Sioux City should be Fighting City. As for Sioux Falls, rename it Sanford.
Assume you are a student taking a history class. You know very little about history. The teacher knows a lot about the subject. So why is he asking you the questions? And why, when you don’t know the answer, does he give you a failing grade? Perhaps it would be better if you asked him the questions.
Back to the restroom door signs. You have signs that are for men, women and for trans-genders it would be Whatever.
Finally, we have a new gnu, but who knew?
Bill Preuss

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