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  • By Jane Wildung-Lanphere, Luverne Area Chamber Director
    July 31, 2018
    I strongly felt that I needed to respond in defense of the wonderful men and women who have volunteered and are serving on the Destination Branding Committee for Luverne Initiatives for Tomorrow.  If you are a social media person (I admit that I am not), you probably have heard of the negative comments, hatred and hype that has been focused on the work that these volunteers are doing trying to…
  • October 17, 2016
    To the Editor: In this most unusual of political seasons, it continues to be a wonder to me that so many people who purport to be good Christians will, in fact, actually hate one or the other of our presidential candidates. Is there room for “hate” in politics, or otherwise, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Emphatically, there is not. Strong feelings? Yes, of course! But not hate. There is, I…
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