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Wratz: 'Is there room for 'hate' in politics?'

Voice of Our Readers

To the Editor:
In this most unusual of political seasons, it continues to be a wonder to me that so many people who purport to be good Christians will, in fact, actually hate one or the other of our presidential candidates. Is there room for “hate” in politics, or otherwise, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Emphatically, there is not. Strong feelings? Yes, of course! But not hate. There is, I believe, a very fine line between the two
Please allow me to humbly suggest that when you are weighed down by thoughts of who may or may not be our next president, and before uttering or writing thoughts that are not compatible with the teachings of Jesus Christ, close your eyes, take three deep breaths (yoga style, perhaps), maybe listen to some peaceful music, or whatever may calm you, and think again. Then be content with voting on Nov. 8. It is extremely unlikely that any such unkind opining will influence anyone else but will only serve to gratify one’s own vanity, or worse.
Humbly submitted from one who has learned, after all these many years, and by many a brutal trial and error, to exercise at least a modicum of patience and brotherly kindness. Not the least of which toward those who think differently than I.
Robert Wratz

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