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On the Record Nov. 21-26, 2022

Dispatch report
Nov. 21
•Complainant reported motor vehicle theft.
•Complainant picked up items belonging to subject.
•Complainant requested to speak to sherriff about parking.
•Complainant reported semitrailer swerving.
•Complainant reported semitrailer crossing center line and fog line.
•Complainant reported a transient.
•Complainant reported vehicle driving at high rate of speed past residence each day.
•Outage was reported.
•Complainant reported car racing around the industrial area.
Nov. 22
•Complainant filed domestic report.
•Complainant reported a vehicle driving at high rate of speed and in and out of traffic.
•Complainant reported theft from a trailer.
•Complainant reported a civil issue.
•Complainant requested assistance with retrieving belongings.
•Complainant reported a hit and run.
•Complainant reported damage to property.
•Complainant requested to speak to deputy.
•Cottonwood County arrested subject on warrant.
Nov. 23
•Outage was reported.
•Complainant reported a scam.
•Complainant requested assistance.
•Complainant retrieved personal effects from vehicle.
•Complainant reported found property.
Nov. 24
•Deputy assisted MSP on a traffic stop.
•Deputy assisted MSP on a traffic stop.
•Complainant reported a threat.
•Assistance from another department was requested.
•Complainant reported child maltreatment.
Nov. 25
•Complainant reported damage to railroad crossing gate arm.
•Complainant reported vehicle is parked odd.
•Complainant reported a stalled vehicle parked suspiciously.
Nov. 26
•Complainant reported a disorderly.
•A request was received to confirm warrant.
•Complainant requested gate at city park to be kept closed until specific date then opened.
•Complainant reported vehicle with collector plates and questioned usage.
•Complainant reported vehicle driving wrong way on Highway 75.
•Complainant reported an open storage unit.
In addition, officers responded to 1 motor vehicle accident, 4 deer accidents, 1 transport, 20 ambulance runs, 4 paper services, 1 animal complaint, 1 fingerprint request, 7 burn permits, 1 vehicle impound, 4 gas drive-offs, 2 alarms, 1 drug court test, 5 purchase and carry permits, 33 traffic stops, 8 abandoned 911 calls, 2 tests, 2 welfare checks, 1 OFP and 1 follow-up.

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