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On the Record Aug. 13-20, 2021

Dispatch report
Aug. 13
•Complainant reported driver not returning his truck.
•Complainant on N. Cedar Street reported property damage.
•Complainant requested to speak to deputy.
•Driving complaint was reported westbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 1, Valley Springs, South Dakota.
Aug. 14
•Complainant on E. 1st Street, Hardwick, reported suspicious activity.
•Complainant requested to speak to deputy about landlord-tenant issue.
•Complainant on 201st Street reported a driving complaint.
•Complainant on County Road 4 and 95th Street, Beaver Creek, reported an erratic driver.
•Complainant on N. Linden Street reported someone disturbing the peace.
Aug. 15
•Deputy assisted motorist on S. Kniss Avenue.
•Deputy on E. Veterans Drive stood by for property exchange.
•Complainant at The Lake reported kids behaving badly.
•Deputy assisted a citizen on 1st Street, Jasper.
•Complainant on railroad bridge near Redbird Field reported a bike was found.
•Complainant on Luverne Street and Donaldson Street reported a traffic complaint.
•Complainant east-bound on Interstate 90, mile marker 19, Magnolia, reported a driving complaint.
•Complainant on W. Luverne Street in Magnolia reported an assault at location.
•Complainant on S. Steen Street reported suspicious activity.
Aug. 16
•Complainant in Woodstock reported a personal injury at location.
•Police department requested information.
•Complainant on Dakota Street and Iowa Avenue, Steen, reported a large fire.
•Complainant on N. Blue Mound Avenue reported an open door at location.
•Complainant on S. Donaldson Street reported a possible theft.
•Complainant on State Highway 23, Jasper, reported erratic driving.
•Complainant on Crawford Street reported construction signs being posted at location.
•Complainant on E. Adams reported a driving complaint.
Aug. 17
•Report of party needing assistance with fuel on Walnut Avenue and Sunshine Avenue.
•Deputy checked on tent at Redbird Field.
•Jackson County arrested subject on Rock County warrant.
•Complainant on S. Ross Street, Hardwick, reported garbage dumped at the tree dump.
•Complainant reported theft.
•Property was found at location on S. Kniss Avenue.
Aug. 18
•Complainant on W. Barck Avenue reported harassing communications at location.
•Complainant on County Road 4 and 110th Avenue, Luverne, reported a driving complaint.
•Complainant on E. Dodge Street reported a property dispute.
•Complainant on E. Dodge Street reported suspicious activity.
•Complainant on Donaldson Street and W. Hatting Street reported a parking issue.
•Complainant on Interstate 90 reported debris on roadway.
•Complainant on N. Freeman Avenue reported harassment through Snapchat.
Aug. 19
•Complainant on County Road 4 and 180th Avenue, Luverne, reported debris on roadway.
•Deputy assisted stranded motorist on County Road 4 and 180th Avenue, Luverne.
•Complainant on W. Barck Avenue requested a deputy to stand by for property exchange.
•Complainant on N. Spring Street reported a garage door open.
Aug. 20
•Complainant on McKenzie and Lincoln reported kids disturbing the peace at location.
•Complainant eastbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 3, Beaver Creek, reported a driving complaint.
•Complainant on W. Virginia Street and N. Lindale Street reported a flat tire and vehicles speeding by her.
•Complainant on S. Walnut Avenue and County Road 4 reported a semitrailer blocking traffic.
 In addition, officers responded to 5 motor vehicle accidents, 1 deer accident, 1 vehicle in ditch, 2 transports, 8 escorts, 6 ambulance runs, 7 paper services, 1 animal complaint, 1 fingerprint request, 4 burn permits, 1 vehicle impound, 5 purchase and carry permits, 1 stalled vehicle, 2 traffic stops, 7 abandoned 911 calls, 5 tests, 3 welfare checks, 1 report of cattle out and 1 OFP.

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