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Wieneke: Customer service means cleaning up after manure tracking

In response to the Jan. 7th editorial titled, “Wipe your feet please!”
Get over it.
As an employee of two retail businesses here in Luverne, I can confirm that this isn’t the most pleasant part of the job; however I am actively aware I work in customer service. We service the customers, which, yes, means we clean up after them. Not to mention, you can often hear these customers taking the time to stomp outside the door to shake off what they can before coming inside.
Discriminating against a specific demographic of clientele and expecting them to go out of their way to receive the same service others get seems a bit … dated. These are hard-working men and women that are choosing to shop local and put their money back into the community, and chastising them doesn’t seem like a really good way to thank them for that.
Magie Wieneke

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