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Weber doesn't give blind deference to the governor or others

Voice of our readers

To the Editor:
A letter last week was critical of my comments to the governor during his recent visit to Worthington.  In the author’s hurry to play her own “blame game,” she failed to mention some key parts of my comments that would give the readers a more complete view of the discussion. My points are as follows:
•I thanked the governor for his support of the Lewis and Clark project and commented on the necessity of completing the project to Worthington.
•The bonding bill failed to get to the governor’s desk due to a last minute amendment by Senator Ron Latz (DFL) to add money for light rail.
•Mass transit issues need to be addressed.
•I urged the governor to call for careful evaluation of existing light rail operations.  They are not meeting original projections of ridership, etc.  If people do not use it, we do not solve problems of traffic congestion.
•Taxpayers currently subsidize light rail operations by roughly $70 million per year.
•This is not a metro versus rural issue, as many metro/suburban folks do not approve of the current system.
While I regret that some may be embarrassed by an honest and respectful discussion of issues and differences, I will continue to handle the responsibilities as state senator in such a way that truly seeks to resolve problems rather than give blind deference to the governor or anyone else.
Thank you to all who have supported your legislators as they work to get this final leg of funding for the Lewis and Clark project completed.
Bill Weber
State Senator SD-22

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