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Harrison: City should be proud of sponsored family

Lead Summary

To the Editor:
Some 40 years ago Luverne sponsored a Vietnamese family of 10 children. Although only the oldest daughter, Thinh, spoke English, both she and her father immediately went to work at A.R. Wood.
Thinh (now Jackie), who left her husband behind, was pregnant. She had John on Christmas Day, and he just turned 40. We were invited to his birthday celebration in Kansas City on Dec. 19.
Jackie is a retired electrical engineer in San Diego, California. John has his master’s, and he recruits professionals for the army. He is also a gifted musician.
I was so encouraged to hear how successful the family has been. The children went to college and several have graduate degrees.
They came with nothing, but now are living the American dream. The parents and one son have passed, but the rest have achieved the success that our country offers with perseverance and hard work. I told her we are lucky they came to the United States.
Fortunately, at that time, we had no concern that our refugees may be infiltrated with those who want to destroy us. Certainly we need to take this into consideration now in this whole different world, but Luverne can be proud of what was accomplished by helping this family.
Shirley Harrison

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