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Green: 'Bless God's creation' Sept. 24

Letter to the editori

To the Editor:
Pope Francis will address the U.S. Congress, bringing a special message. No one knows what he will say, but a sign I noticed outside Luverne's St. Catherine Catholic Church perhaps touches the heart of his message: “Bless God's Creation.” This has been the message of the Pope's recent “Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality — On Care for our Common Home.”
I have only begun my reading, but it is clear that he will speak up for the fragile poor and powerless. This fragility also extends to our “common home” — the Earth.
Some persons and organizations — companies who control the levers of power — have regarded the Earth's treasures as just resources to drain or use up. However, more people are recognizing the dangers to our “common home,” are speaking up — taking action. May we “Bless God's Creation” by listening, contemplating and sharing our concerns both toward those persons in need and the world in need.
Larry Green

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