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Frakes: Recent incidents means more proposed gun regulations

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
Oh boy! Here we go again! A few people get murdered over the weekend and I bet they’re going to want to take our guns away.
I know everybody here in Rock County is with me when I say I’ll defend myself and my property to the max. If some jerk would break into my house and attempt to pilfer my cold 12-pack from the spare fridge in the basement or steal my pocket change from the pickle jar on top of the dresser, I’d shoot them through the heart in the blink of an eye.
All you have to do is check the history of Rock County to know that dozens if not hundreds of people have been maimed or killed in home invasions, and also stories about the dozens of good guys that outdrew the bad guys to save the day. If I thought that somebody was trying to break into my place, I’d shoot them right on the porch. No sense taking any chances!
In addition, I’m sure that every single gun owner in Rock County would hop on the next bus to the Gulf Coast to defend our shores when the Cubans decide to invade. Heck, if it was in the summer, they would empty the gun cabinet completely and take along the wife and kids. You can’t have too much firepower!
We also have to think about our government. If a bunch of super egotistical upper-crust ruling class people in Washington decided they wanted to rule the country, we could march on D.C. and save the country. Just look at Syria. An egotistical dictator has run the country for years and the people decided to throw him out. It’s true that they haven’t succeeded yet, and a few people have expired, but you can bet that they’re still packing heat! Lead on!
Bill Frakes

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