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Frakes: Mom's, dad's charging roles may include draft both

To the Editor:
Back when I was young and full of hope, Mom stayed home and took care of the family, and Dad went off to work or war.
Then our enlightened government decided they had to take care of us, cradle to grave. Dad still went to work or war, but Mom had to go to work, and the kids had to go to day care because the increased taxes meant it takes two incomes to make one now.
Now, in even more enlightenment, our powers that be would like to draft women into the military.
So we now have Mom and Dad going to war and the kids going to ... “war care”? Cheap at twice the price, I bet.
“Hello, kids! Your mother and I are doing great here in the Middle East. Just a little warm is all. Have they decided if they’re going to let you watch FOX News yet??”
Bill Frakes

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