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Deutsch: Increased penalties for reckless driving

Increased penalties for reckless driving effective Aug. 1
To the Editor:
There is a new law on the books that will give prosecutors the ability to charge reckless drivers who cause great bodily harm or death with a gross misdemeanor. This new law is effective Aug. 1.
American Bikers for Awareness, Training, and, Education of Minnesota (ABATE of MN) would like to take this opportunity to encourage all road users to drive and ride in a safe and distraction-free manner. Distracted driving is the leading cause of crashes in Minnesota, and this new law will hold distracted road users more accountable for their actions.
All too often crashes that result in injury or death are referred to as “accidents” when in fact the vast majority are preventable crashes. We all need to hang up and drive, pay attention, look twice, and drive/ride in a safe and responsible manner. If we all work together, we can make Minnesota’s roadways safer for our friends and family to use and we can prevent these senseless tragic crashes.
Shelly Deutsch
formerly of Luverne
River Valley State Rep

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