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Boese thanks Kenneth church

Voice of our Readers

Letter to Kenneth:
A note from Kerry Boese to those who once made up Kenneth Lutheran Church:
On July 13, 1986, I was ordained as a pastor in what was then the American Lutheran Church.  On this, the 30th anniversary of my ordination, I find myself reflecting on my faith walk and remember those who have been a significant part of that walk. 
I want you to know how thankful I am for the years your congregation made space for my faith to be nurtured, even as the church struggled with the pressures and realities of having grown roots in a once bustling community which, like so many others, had lost so much. 
You nevertheless continued to serve Christ amid the shadowy valley. Kenneth Lutheran lived well — and came to its end well — in Christ.  I trust your forgiveness for what I might not have done well.
  May God continue to encourage you to be “little Christs” in the world as you love and serve those Christ would have you call "neighbor."
It makes a difference. You made a difference for me.
Kerry Boese, pastor,
Kenneth Lutheran Church,

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