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Blank: Opportunity to honor Hills Crescent was missed

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
Like many other readers in the area, I read with disappointment that the Hills Crescent would be ceasing publication after 126 years.  What further disappointed me was the lack of acknowledgement of what this small town paper has provided to the communities of Hills, Beaver Creek and Steen.
I feel that Tollefson Publishing, which owns the Hills Crescent, could have had a commemorative issue with headlines, articles and photographs that would have encompassed those 126 years of history.  Think of the reprinted articles of the past that could have been republished in this edition.  The photographs of the early days of Hills, Beaver Creek and Steen.  The photos and articles of sports victories, the wars, the elections, the tragedies and the triumphs of our people living in this extreme southwest corner of Minnesota.
Tollefson Publishing, I understand the importance of the “bottom line” and the difficult decision it must have been to cease publication. Unfortunately a great opportunity to honor the 126 years of the past was missed.
I have a suggestion ... since subscribers of the Crescent will be given a six-month subscription to the Star Herald, perhaps it’s not too late to include a commemorative section in an upcoming edition?  Please consider this and give the Crescent the farewell it deserves.
Jane Blank
Beaver Creek

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