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Anyone have a set of chaps we can borrow?

'Star Busters' team in training for July 28 Ag Olympics at the fair
Lori Sorenson, editor

Office chatter at the Star Herald has been entertaining this week.
“I’m definitely wearing a cowboy hat,” I said.
“I think I can turn some jeans into Daisy Dukes,” Greg chimed in.
“But wait — then you’ll need chaps. Where can we get those?”
Mavis, a seasoned horse rider, volunteered to bring her wardrobe to work.
We discussed safety. “If the air quality is poor, I’ll have my inhaler handy.”
And we discussed ways to cheat … “if we put Gracie in the wheelbarrow, we can just carry it.”
If it isn’t obvious, the Star Herald has a team in Friday night’s Ag Olympics at the fair.
We’ll be competing as the “Star Busters” among teams with names like “City Slickers,” “Cagy Cardinals,” “Rock Bottoms” and more.
It all starts at 7 p.m. Friday, July 28, in the grandstands at the fairgrounds in Luverne.
We’d like to train for the physical challenges, but we’re not sure how.
For example, who has access to a 4-foot round bale or square straw bales for the “bale rolling and stacking” competition?
Other categories of Ag Olympics include “Move the Calf,” “Backseat Driver,” “Three-Man Wheelbarrow Race,” and “Bucket Relays.”
With three of our four team members over the age of 54, we’re hoping for short distances and light bales.
At least one woman must compete in each of the challenges. (As farm girls, Mavis and I are confident we’ll be the stars of our Star Busters team).
But we’re more than a little concerned that some of our opponents stacked their teams with 20-somethings.
We’re just assuming that whatever we may lack in athletic prowess we’ll make up for in style. Hopefully there’s a ribbon for that.
Pucker up, buttercup!
Speaking of style, I’m personally excited about Friday’s intermission when a lucky volunteer will pucker up to kiss a pig for charity.
Potential kissers are school principal Ryan Johnson, county administrator Kyle Oldre and city mayor Pat Baustian.
Whose lips would you like to see on a pig snout? The one ending up with the most money gets to pucker up. Look for donation boxes at the grandstand gates. (I heard the principal is already busy raising money for the other kissers.)
Money raised will go to Carson’s Cause, a foundation for local brain health started in memory of my son, Carson Ehde, who died by suicide on Sept. 13, 2022.
Thanks, fair board members, for choosing Carson’s Cause as this year’s Kiss the Pig charity.
We really miss our Carson, but thanks to generous donors, we’re making a difference and honoring his memory. Find us on the Luverne Area Community Foundation website,, and on Facebook.

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