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Star Herald doles out thumbs for town celebrations, road construction and more

Star Herald Editorial

Thumbs up — to the fantastic lineup at the Rock County Fair coming up at the end of July. There is something for everyone, and it’s clear our local fair board put thought and creativity into the lineup of offerings.
Thumbs down — to Mother Nature for scorching heat and stingy rainfall this month. In a typical feast and famine cycle, we’re now longing for some of those rainy days that flooded our fields and homes only a few years ago.
Thumbs up — to Hills council members and Hills residents for their efforts in making The Rez and city parks welcoming and pleasant places to spend an afternoon — or perhaps a weekend in the new rental cabin.
Thumbs down — to the Minnesota Department of Transportation for poor planning on the I-90 resurfacing project between Luverne and Beaver Creek. We’re grateful for smooth roads, but it’s too bad we had to beg for a better schedule to salvage some summer tourism dollars.
Thumbs up — to the Luverne High School drama department and their production of "Grease." After more than a year off the stage, director Shawn Kinsinger and LHS students deserve all the accolades we can give them for such a marvelous production.
Thumbs up — to the Rock County Food Shelf volunteers and their successful capital campaign and move into a new and more convenient facility on West Maple Street.
Thumbs down — to Dollar General for closing intermittently for lack of employees. Yes, there’s a labor shortage everywhere following the pandemic, but when your wages are lower than literally every other starting position anywhere, it might pay to invest in workers. 
Thumbs up — to the city of Luverne and Luverne Flowers for beautification work around town. It makes us proud to live here, and it presents a great first impression for visitors.
Thumbs down — to state legislators for failing again to complete their work during the regular session. Shame on them. The rest of us wouldn’t have jobs if our work performance history were this poor.
A BIG thumbs up — to everyone who rolled up their sleeves and received the coronavirus vaccination. It’s what allowed our lives to return to a pre-pandemic normal. To those who declined being a part of that effort, you’re welcome.
Thumbs up — to those who work on our community celebrations and to those who come out and support them. It's great to see people smiling and greeting their neighbors again.

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