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  • By Rick Peterson, general manager
    August 08, 2023
    Today, Thursday, our youngest grandchild, Ellee, turns 6. Like all grandparents, Mary and I are proud as punch of all our grandkids. Those of us that make up our morning coffee group that are grandparents share stories (brag) about our grandkids at least once a week. Most of the stories are sports-related or how old they are or what grade they are in school, or recently, where they might be going…
  • By Brenda Winter, columnist
    January 31, 2023
    The other girls recoiled in horror when Great Grandpa Gerald pulled back the plywood cover on his basement-based worm farm, but five-year-old Lillian leaned in, which is why she received a worm farm for Christmas. Grandpa’s worm farm is contained in a 100-gallon stock tank and holds several thousand worms. Lillian’s worm farm is far smaller than Grandpa’s. It’s not a stock tank, or even a 5-…
  • By Mavis Fodness, reporter
    May 19, 2020
    My last in-person visit with my granddaughter, Jayden, was March 6. Almost 60 days later, on the bright, sunny Sunday morning of May 3, the grandmother in me knew it was time to see Jayden face to face. Unbeknownst to me, when my daughter Courtney told Jayden that MeeMaw Mavis was coming to Iowa for a visit, her response was “MeeMaw Mavis is not dead?” It’s been a long two months for my 2-year-…
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