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LHS, H-BC track teams compete in Section 3A meet

Cardinals take first, Patriots place fifth in Pipestone
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Greg Hoogeveen

Luverne and Hills-Beaver Creek track and field teams traveled to Pipestone Thursday, May 25, for Section 3A - South Subsection competition.
The Cardinal boys’ and girls’ teams both took first place at the event.
“I thought the kids had another great night and took steps towards their season goals and becoming their best,” LHS head coach Pete Janiszeski said.
The Patriots boys’ and girls’ teams both placed fifth in team competition.
“We have a big group of kids moving on to sections next Thursday in Montevideo, which I am excited for,” H-BC head coach Rex Metzger said.
“We had some very good individual performances and most of our sprint relays advanced.”
H-BC’s Brynn Bakken was first in the 100 and 200-meter runs at 12.93 and 26.45 respectively, and in the triple jump at 35-04.75.
Luverne had 32 personal records and five season records at Pipestone, including meet records in the boys’ 4-by-800-meter relay at 8:16,96 (Camden Janiszeski, Owen Janiszeski, Carson Toftland and Ryan Pick) and the shot put (Jocelyn Hart) at 41 feet, 10 inches.
The Cardinals also had 65 Top 10 performances, 11 first place finishes, and will send 40 athletes to Sections in Montevideo Thursday, June 1.
“We were proud of their efforts and progress,” Janiszeski said.
“Any time you qualify 40 kids for the section meet, it’s a tremendous testament to the kids and all of the work they pour into the season.” 
LHS and H-BC will travel to Montevideo Thursday, June 1, for Sections track and field.
Individual event results for the meet are as follows:
Girls’ 4x800 Meter Relay
LHS First, 10:01-86, Tiana Lais, Cassi Chesley, Elizabeth Wagner, Jenna DeBates
Boys’ 4x800 Meter Relay
LHS First, 8:16.96, Camden Janiszeski, Owen Janiszeski, Carsen Tofteland, Ryan Fick
Girls’ 100 Meter Hurdles
LHS Second, 17.06, Augusta Papik PR
H-BC Sixth, 18.60, Ava Steinhoff
H-BC 10th, 19.78, Larissa Steinhoff
LHS 11th, 20.24, Emma Nath PR
Boys’ 110 Meter Hurdles
H-BC Fifth, 18.72, James Vanden Bosch
LHS Sixth, 19.50, Micah Andersen
H-BC Eighth, 21.11, Jackson Gacke
LHS Ninth, 21.13, Ashton Pick PR
Girls’ 100 Meters
H-BC First, 12.93, Brynn Bakken
H-BC Fifth, 14.25, Brynn Rauk
LHS Seventh, 14.33, Baylee Smidt
LHS Eighth, 14.55, Hailey Como
LHS Ninth, 14.59, Morgan Hadler
H-BC 13th, 14.79, Sage DeBoer
Boys’ 100 Meters
LHS Fifth, 12.25, Coulter Thone PR
H-BC Sixth, 12.41, Beau Bakken
H-BC Seventh, 12.42, Cooper Gehrke
H-BC Eighth, 12.51, Mason Shaffner
LHS 10th, 12.62, Isaac DeBates
LHS 11th, 12.63, Ashton Hood
Girls’ 4x200 Meter Relay
LHS Second, 1:50.76, Sarah Stegenga, Mekena Nelson, Anna Banck, Isabella Oye
H-BC Fifth, 1:58.86, Brynn Rauk, Layla Deelstra, Hailey Moser, Sage DeBoer
Boys’ 4x200 Meter Relay
LHS First, 1:34.93, DJ Rock, Gavin DeBeer, Zachary Terrio, Lucky Dara
H-BC Second, 1:37.87, Micah Bush, Beau Bakken, Elisha Taubert, Cooper Gehrke
Girls’ 1600 Meters
LHS Third, 5:48.26, Cassi Chesley
LHS Fourth, 5:49.98, Ella Schmuck
H-BC Sixth, 6:22.23, Bailey Spykerboer
LHS 13th, 6:50.86, Josie Anderson
Boys’ 1600 Meters
LHS Second, 4:47.58, Ryan Fick
LHS Seventh, 5:08.08, Leif Ingebretsen
LHS Eighth, 5:19.72, Marcus Papik PR
Girls’ 4x100 Meter Relay
H-BC Second, 51.66, Abigail Harris, Layla Deelstra, Brynn Rauk, Brynn Bakken
LHS Third, 52.36, Sarah Stegenga, Anna Banck, Mekena Nelson, Isabella Oye
Boys’ 4x100 Meter Relay
LHS Second, 46.71, Ashton Hood, Coy Thone, Coulter Thone, Isaac DeBates
H-BC Third, 46.99, Mason Shaffner, Beau Bakken, Blake Leenderts, Cooper Gehrke
Girls’ 400 Meters
H-BC Seventh, 1:08.78, Abigail Harris
H-BC Tenth, 1:11.14, Emma Deelstra, SR 
LHS 12th, 1:11.82, Skyler VanderSteen PR
H-BC 13th, 1:12.39, Hailey Moser
LHS 16th, 1:21.07, Brynn Boyenga
LHS 17th, 1:22.57, Jaelyn Arp PR
Boys’ 400 Meters
LHS First, 51.88, Lucky Dara
LHS Fourth, 53.72, Zachary Terrio PR
H-BC 14th, 1:04.52, Jacob Wallin PR
H-BC 15th, 1:05.64, Jamesyn Klosterbuer PR
Girls’ 300 Meter Hurdles
LHS First, 47.14, Elizabeth Wagner PR
LHS Second, 49.69, Reinha John
LHS Sixth, 54.55, Jerzey Hood PR
H-BC Eighth, 56.04, Ava Steinhoff
Boys’ 300 Meter Hurdles
LHS Fourth, 45.97, Isaac DeBates
H-BC Eighth, 48.37, James Vanden Bosch
LHS 11th, 51.57, Ashton Pick PR
H-BC 12th, 51.90, Jackson Gacke
Girls’ 800 Meters
LHS Sixth, 2:44.51, Maria Rops SR
H-BC 12th, 2:54.65, Bailey Spykerboer
H-BC 13th, 2:55.24, Ella Sammons PR
LHS 15th, 3:02.52, Olivia Lund PR
LHS 17th, 3:07.23, Josie Anderson
H-BC 19th, 3:11.49, Emma Deelstra
Boys’ 800 Meters
LHS Second, 2:09.16, Carsen Tofteland
LHS Fourth, 2:12.66, Dylan Ommen PR
H-BC 12th, 2:27.78, Lukas Hubbard
LHS 13th, 2:28.60, Eli McLendon PR
Girls’ 200 Meters
H-BC First, 26.45, Brynn Bakken
LHS Fifth, 28.66, Anna Banck SP
H-BC Sixth, 29.03, Abigail Harris
LHS Ninth, 29.78, Baylee Smidt PR
H-BC 11th, 30.34, Sage DeBoer
LHS 12th, 30.42, Hailey Como
Boys’ 200 Meters
LHS Fourth, 24.42, Coulter Thone PR
LHS Fifth, 24.64, Coy Thone PR
H-BC Ninth, 25.62, James Vanden Bosch PR
H-BC Tenth, 25.91, Mason Shaffner
LHS 13th, 26.38, Tyler Rolfs SR
H-BC 15th, 26.84, Riley Tatge
Girls’ 3200 Meters
LHS Second, 11:53.93, Jenna DeBates
LHS Third, 13:02.98, Grace Ingebretsen
LHS Fourth, 14:04.52, Kayla Bloemendaal SR
Boys’ 3200 Meters
LHS First, 10:15.64, Camden Janiszeski
LHS Second, 10:28.29, Owen Janiszeski
LHS Fourth, 10:44.39, Sage Viessman PR
Girls’ 4x400 Meter Relay
LHS First, 4:11.69, Tiana Lais, Sarah Stegenga, Ella Schmuck, Elizabeth Wagner
Boys’ 4x400 Meter Relay
LHS Second, 3:35.40, Zachary Terrio, Ryan Fick, Carsten Tofteland, Lucky Dara
H-BC Fifth, 3:53.30, Elisha Taubert, Micah Bush, Blake Leenderts, Bode Kruger
Girls’ Long Jump
LHS Second, 15-01.25, Kendra Thorson
H-BC Sixth, 14-08.75 Brynn Rauk
LHS 12th, 13-02.5, Marlee Nelson PR
H-BC 16th, 12-07, Hailey Moser
H-BC 18th, 12-02, Sage DeBoer
Boys’ Long Jump
LHS Second, 20-08.5, Gavin DeBeer PR
LHS Eighth, 18-02.75, Dylan Ommen PR
H-BC Ninth, 18-00.75, Mason Shaffner
H-BC 10th, 17-04.75, Bode Kruger PR
H-BC 12th, 16-08.25, Sawyer Bosch
Girls’ Triple Jump
H-BC First, 35-04.75, Brynn Bakken PR
LHS Fourth, 31-07, Kendra Thorson SR
H-BC Sixth, 30-05, Bailey Spykerboer SR
LHS Seventh, 29-03, Jerzey Hood
H-BC Eighth, 29-00.5, Emma Deelstra
LHS11th, 27.05.75, Abby Boltjes SR
Boys’ Triple Jump
H-BC Third, 38-10, Blake Leenderts
H-BC Fifth, 37.05.25, Bode Kruger PR
H-BC Ninth, 35-11.5, Sawyer Bosch
Girls’ High Jump
H-BC Fourth, 4-06, Larissa Steinhoff
LHS Fourth, 4-06, Augusta Papik
LHS Fourth, 4-06, Maria Rops
LHS Fourth, 4-06, Reinha John
H-BC Ninth, 4-04, Ava Steinhogg
Boys’ High Jump
H-BC Second, 5-08, Elisha Taubert PR
LHS Third, 5-08, Isaac DeBates
H-BC Fifth, 5-06, James Vanden Bosch
H-BC Eighth, 5-02, Jamin Metzger
Girls’ Pole Vault
LHS Second, 7-08, Corynn Oye
LHS Sixth, 6-08, Kayla Bloemendaal PR
Boys’ Pole Vault
LHS First, 12-05, DJ Rock
LHS Third, 9-11, Tyler Rolfs
LHS Fourth, 9-05, Leif Ingebretsen PR
Girls’ Shot Put
LHS First, 41-10, Jocelyn Hart PR
Second, 39-02, Jadyn Hart
H-BC Fifth, 35-05.5, Larissa Steinhoff PR
H-BC Sixth, 32-07.5, Isabel Wysong
H-BC Seventh, 32-05.5, Ally Birger PR
LHS 14th, 27-10, Hannah Woodley
Boys’ Shot Put
LHS First, 45-05, Keaton Ahrendt PR
LHS Second, 45-02.5, Elijah Woodley
H-BC Third, 41-06.5, Beau Bakken
H-BC Sixth, 39-11, Jackson Gacke
LHS Ninth, 38-06, Ryker Johnson
H-BC 12th, 36-10, Brayden Metzger
Girls’ Discus Throw
LHS First, 130-09, Jadyn Hart
LHS Third, 121-05, Jocelyn Hart
LHS Sixth, 94-02, Hannah Sneller PR
H-BC 10th, 83-03, Larissa Steinhoff SR
H-BC 11th, 82-08, Ally Birger
H-BC 17th, 66-00, Isabel Wysong
Boys’ Discus Throw
LHS Second, 115-07, Elijah Woodley
H-BC Sixth, 112-08, Riley Tatge PR
LHS Seventh, 111-00, Ryker Johnson
H-BC Eighth, 108-00, Jackson Gacke
LHS Ninth, 104-01, Keaton Ahrendt
H-BC 10th, 103-09, Brayden Metzger

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