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Arends places second in stock car races at Rock Rapids speedway

Lead Summary
Jason Berghorst

Local dirt track racecar drivers faced a delay in the start of racing season due to coronavirus restrictions.
Rapid Speedway in Rock Rapids, Iowa, and 1-90 Speedway near Hartford, South Dakota, opened in mid-May, and Rock County drivers have been competing at the area tracks each Friday and Saturday.
Rapid Speedway
Luverne’s Colton Arends led local racers last weekend, placing second in the A Feature of the USRA Stock Car class at Rapid Speedway Friday.
Arends placed third in his heat race before starting the A Feature in third place.
Scott Overgaard of Luverne finished the same A Feature in third place after starting the race in the No. 6 spot.
Also in the Stock Car class, Luverne’s Spenser Kalass finished the feature race in eleventh place and Larry Kracht of Magnolia placed fifteenth in the same race.
In the USRA Hobby Stock class at Rapid Speedway, Luverne’s Thomas Kracht won his heat race before finishing fourth in the A Feature Friday.
Cadyn Wessels of Luverne placed eighth in the Hobby Stock B Feature 2 race.
I-90 Speedway
Two Rock County drivers competed at I-90 Speedway Saturday.
Thomas Kracht finished fourth in the Hobby Stock B Feature race after placing fifth in his heat race.
Wessels also competed in the Hobby Stock class. He started the B Feature in the No. 4 spot before finishing in tenth place.
Rapid Speedway – May 29
USRA Hobby Stocks A Feature  
T. Kracht                   Luverne       4th
C. Kelderman            Hills             19th
USRA Hobby Stocks B Feature 2
C. Wessels               Luverne       8th
USRA Stock Cars A Feature
C. Arends                  Luverne       2nd
S. Overgaard            Luverne       3rd
S. Kalass                  Luverne       11th
L. Kracht                   Magnolia     15th
K. Kremin                  Kenneth       19th
I-90 Speedway – May 30
USRA Hobby Stocks A Feature  
T. Kracht                   Luverne       18th
USRA Hobby Stocks B Feature
C. Wessels               Luverne       9th

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