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Remember When Feb. 3, 2022

10 years ago (2012)
•The federal government will have a greater impact on what ends up on the trays of 32 million kids who have school lunch every day—including those in Luverne.
Less salt and fat, more whole grains, fruit, veggies and low-fat dairy are what kids can expect in the school cafeteria, according to new nutrition standards for school meals announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture this week.
Just over $3 billion will be spent over the next five years to implement the changes, including setting limits on total calories for a meal.
While some kids aren’t getting enough calories in a day, there’s also the competing challenge of obesity.
In trying to balance these concerns, the USDA decided to set an age-appropriate calorie range for lunch:
550 to 650 calories for kindergarten through fifth grade; 600 to 700 for sixth through eighth grades; 750 to 850 for ninth through 12th grades.
25 years ago (1997)
•As of Tuesday, Luverne schools have lost nine school days to snow, according to the district office. That doesn’t count short days, when students arrived late or left early.
With a calendar that figured in four possible snow days, it means the district must schedule make-up classes on in-service days and vacation days.
According to Marlene Mann in the superintendent’s office, classes will be held on Feb. 14, Presidents Day Feb. 17, June 5, and if the district needs to make up the Governor’s canceled day, probably on April 28. Students already made up one day on Jan. 24.
Easter Monday is still a possible vacation day … but no one in the district office is willing to bet they’ve seen the last snow cancellation.
50 years ago (1972)
•Margaret Erickson of the Blue Ribbon 4-H Club of Hills will represent Rock County in the District 4-H Radio Speaking Contest scheduled for this Saturday, Feb. 5, from 2-3 p.m. over KWOA Radio.
Miss Erickson was recently named County Champion and Rick Jauert was named Reserve Champion in the Rock County contest. In the Junior Division, Ruth Garnmeister was named Champion and Pam Heronimus was named reserve Champion.
75 years ago (1947)
•Sales during December at Southwestern Minnesota department and general stores were up 26 per cent from last year, while total sales for the year registered a 29 per cent increase over those of 1945.
December retail trade volume in the entire Ninth Federal Reserve District averaged a 23 per cent increase over last month and a 30 per cent increase over December 1945. According to the Final Department and General Store Summary just released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, sales reported to the bank in 1946 by 551 stores located throughout the district topped last year’s sales at the same stores by 34 per cent.
100 years ago (1922)
•Nine Rock county boys and girls have thus far definitely decided to join the Rock County Boys’ and Girls’ Calf club, and in most instances have already selected the calves on which they hope to win honors next fall and winter.
Those who will join the club are: Eda and Esther Carlson, of Magnolia township; Ruth Axelson, Velma and Peter Vandemore, of Mound; Ethel Oesterle and George Godfrey, of Beaver Creek; Dick Aukes and Fred Paulsen, of Clinton. All were members of last year’s club.
The Misses Carlsen, Axelson and George Godfrey will feed Shorthorn calves; Velma and Peter Vandemore, Herefords; and Miss Oesterle, Dick Aukes and Fred Paulsen, Abereen Angus.

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