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Remember When Dec. 2, 2021

10 years ago (2011)
•Singer and songwriter Doug Spartz will bring his holiday show, “Almost Home, an Americana Holiday Concert,” to the Historic Palace Theatre in Luverne Friday, Dec. 2. …
Spartz, who has family ties to Worthington, performs with a seven-piece band, the members of which have their own deep roots in music.
Dawn MacArther began her career at age 4 and was featured at 11 years of age at Branson’s Country Tonight Theater. Lonnie Knight is one of the Midwest’s premier guitarists and vocalists. Lauren McArthur is a longtime member of the Whitesidewalls. James Plattes is an accomplished fiddler, mandolin and harp player. Reid Papke performs on bass, Gary Haberman on drums and percussion and Kenny Thompson on vocals and guitar.
25 years ago (1996)
•On Monday, residents of the Hills-Beaver Creek school district will vote on a $1.95 million bond to renovate the elementary school in Beaver Creek.
Voters can cast their ballots from 3 to 8 p.m. at the elementary school, the high school and at the Steen Community Hall.
The bond must pass by a majority vote of 50 percent plus one vote.
If it passes, the money would cover costs for asbestos abatement and demolition of the existing facility, which was built in the 1920s. It also includes a new media center and commons area and improvements to the locker rooms and other physical education facilities.
50 years ago (1971)
•Rock county farmers raised a record crop of corn this year, estimated to exceed 10 million bushels, which is three million bushels over the previous record.
Almost all of this corn is eligible for commodity loan at 99c per bushel, the ASCS says.
This loan program offers an opportunity to control the flow of corn into the marketing channels, offering producers an opportunity to take advantage of any future price rise and give them a chance to get much needed cash at marketing time, at a low interest rate.
County farmers have sealed 553,60o bushels of corn to date and are expected to seal another million bushels by spring. Producers also have sealed 145 thousand bushels of oats and almost 100 thousand bushels of soybeans to date.
75 years ago (1946)
•A few more days and Rock county’s 1946 corn crop will be practically all husked and in cribs, County Agent Golla reports this week.
Since cold weather set in, and the ground has frozen, mechanical pickers have been operating steadily in all parts of the county. The county agent said that from what he has observed, the yield on a countywide basis will run from 60 to 70 bushels per acre on the average. Quality, however, is not as good as it could be because of the high moisture content.
Up to about a week ago, picking had been spotty through the county for a number of reasons. Many farmers are picking in order to utilize stalks as feed, even though the moisture content of the grain is a little high. Others feel that corn would dry better in the field than in cribs, and have held up operations. As a matter of fact, some farmers are reported to be waiting until spring to do their picking.
100 years ago (1921)
•When the Luverne high school football season opened, Coach Lennox announced that he would award at the close of the season a gold watch charm in the form of a miniature football to the most valuable man on the team during the 1921 season and to the best student athlete. A board was appointed to determine the play during the year and to decide at the conclusion of the schedule to whom the honors would go.
Captain Roy Campbell has the honor of being adjudged the most valuable player on the squad. He proved to be the driving force behind the team’s energy throughout the year and was without doubt the best defensive player on the team. Dell McCoy was a close contender for the honor.
Albert Haakenson, center on the 1921 squad, received the gold football for being the best student athlete on the team. In addition to being of inestimable value to the team, Albert maintained exceptionally high grades in all studies during the season.
Boyd Shaffer has been chosen captain of the 1922 L. H. S. team and the squad will include Lloyd Ohs, Dell McCoy, Barthold Hadler, Henry Hanson, William Peterson, Henry White, Ralph Carstens, Merle Hunter, Bob VanHouse, Beryl Adams, Paul Parr, Edwin Ryan, Bob Hettinger, Wilford Linnell, Edwin Mitchell, Donald Solberg, Donald Eberlein, Adolph Haakenson, Ellis Leslie, Clarence Dybedock, James Colby, Oswald Mannigel and Henry Colby.

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