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On the Record July 26-Aug. 2, 2019

Dispatch report
July 26
•Complainant requested information on crop transportation.
•Subject with Rock County warrant.
•Deputy conducted motorist assist on County Road 12 and Highway 75.
•Deputy reported manure on the roadway near location on 160th Avenue near Edgerton.
•Complainant reported hazardous driving near Beaver Creek.
•A warrant check was conducted in Beaver Creek.
•Complainant requested a hotel voucher.
•Complainant conducted a warrant check on East Luverne Street.
•Complainant reported a found item on North Elm Street near the Veterans pond.
•Complainant reported debris in the roadway on Interstate 90, mile marker 12 near Luverne.
•Complainant reported a hazardously parked truck and camper on Highway 75 and Barck Street.
•Complainant on Edgehill Street reported there are three kids throwing rocks at ducks and being profane.
•Complainant reported subject is at the Beer Gardens and is not supposed to be there.
July 27
•Complainant reported suspicious activity.
•Complainant reported vandalism at the Chapel on Highway 75.
•Complainant found cell phone at location on 131st Street.
•Motorist assist for gas at Highway 75 and Fletcher.
•Fire department on standby at the fair/races.
•Complainant on East Warren Street reported accident at location.
•Complainant reported fire in the median on Interstate 90, mile marker 6 near Beaver Creek.
•Ambulance on standby at fair.
•Complainant reported neighbor fell and is sitting in a deck chair now.
•Complainant near Hardwick reported subject went to the farm when it was light and isn’t back.
•Complainant on East Main Street reported he found a debit card.
•Complainant on North Freeman Street reported stalking.
•Complainant reported a wrong-way driver northbound on Highway 75, County Road 1 near Ellsworth.
July 28
•Complainant requested a death notification.
•Complainant on North Cedar Street reported a vehicle broken into overnight.
•Assistance from another department was requested near Edgerton.
•Complainant reported pedestrian crossing lights not activating on Barck and Highway 75.
•A severe thunderstorm warning was in effect.
•Complainant reported a possible tornado in Luverne.
July 29
•A complainant on South Kniss Avenue reported suspicious activity.
•Complainant reported property damage in Beaver Creek.
•Illegal burning was reported on 4th Street in Hills.
•Hit and run reported at location on East Main Street.
•Complainant on East Bishop Street reported theft.
•Accident reported at location on 91st Street and Highway 75.
July 30
•Complainant on West Lincoln Street reported a burglary.
•Complainant on North Cottage Grove reported his vehicle was stolen.
•Complainant on North Cedar Street reported kids threw rocks in the street.
•Complainant reported emaciated cattle on 41st Street near Ellsworth.
•Complainant conducted follow-up near Beaver Creek.
•Complainant on North Kniss Avenue reported a possible fire on the outside of a house.
•Report of a speeding vehicle at location in Hardwick.
•Deputy requested to assist other department on Interstate 90, mile marker 14 near Magnolia.
•Complainant found backpack at Luverne Street and Blue Mound Avenue.
•Suspicious activity was reported at location on South Kniss Avenue.
•Report of accident in alley on East Main Street.
•Deputy conducted follow-up on prior CFS.
•Complainant on South Kniss Avenue reported drug activity.
July 31
•Complainant on Highway 75 and Luverne Street reported vehicle for road and driving laws.
•Vandalism reported at location on North Kniss Avenue.
•Erratic driver was reported at location eastbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 6 near Beaver Creek.
•Property found at location on Mag Road.
•Debris in roadway on I-90 westbound between mile markers 6 and 7.
•Property found at location on County Road 6 and Highway 270 near Hills.
•Complainant requested to speak with deputy regarding neighbors.
•Illegal burning was reported in Hills.
•Debris on roadway at location on Highway 270 near Hills.
August 1
•Complainant requested to speak to sergeant on duty.
•Complainant reported a missing person.
•Complainant on Pine Drive reported repossession.
•Complainant reported a warrant check on East Luverne Street.
•Complainant on 121st Street near Luverne reported a burglary.
•Complainant on North Spring Street reported a warrant check.
•Complainant on Luverne Street conducted a warrant check.
•Complainant in Hills reported a scam.
•Aberdeen police department requested assistance in locating subject.
•Disorderly subject was reported at location on West Warren Street.
August 2
•Suspicious activity was reported at location on North Kniss Avenue.
•Gas spill reported at location on South Kniss Avenue.
In addition, officers responded to 3 complaints of cattle out, 3 deer accidents, 3 transports, 5 impound issues, 4 welfare checks, 10 escorts, 27 ambulance runs, 1 parking violation, 2 paper services, 2 order for protection violations, 4 animal complaints, 4 fingerprint requests, 2 background checks, 8 burn permits, 1 driver’s license check, 4 alarms, 3 drug court tests, 2 purchase/carry permits, 17 traffic stops, and 8 abandoned 911 calls.

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