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On the Record Feb. 12 to Feb. 18, 2016

Dispatch report
Feb. 12
•Complainant reported she is trying to get her boyfriend to leave her apartment, and he is throwing things at her.
•Complainant requested to speak with someone about an elderly male who is driving and is revoked.
•Complainant requested a deputy help her get rid of her ex. He was told not to come back, and she was told to get an order.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on children.
•Complainant requested assistance with her child. When deputy arrived, the mother was extremely intoxicated.
Feb. 13
Feb. 14
•Deputy radioed in a partially knocked over stop sign at location. Notified city hall.
•Complainant requested the cell number of one of the plumbers from Luverne because his furnace went out. He was told that we do not give out phone numbers, but that we would try and contact one for him.
•Complainant reported she found a wallet in the women’s restroom at Expressway. It appears that everything is still in it. Contacted subject who is on her way to Owatonna to get her son. She will stop on her way back.
•Complainant reported she has an order for protection on subject, and he keeps contacting her. She will fill out a statement form and bring it in so subject can be arrested.
•Deputy arrested male subject for domestic assault and DWI. He was taken to jail.
Feb. 15
•Complainant reported he woke up to someone banging on the side of his house. He did not see anyone, but footprints led away from his house and down his neighbor’s driveway to Casey’s on Highway 75. Complainant requested extra patrol throughout the night.
•Complainant requested a copy of his driver’s license.
•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy about some people that were fighting with each other.
•Complainant reported a possible violation of parole in Luverne.
•Complainant requested to speak to deputy about a possible civil/property dispute.
•Deputies received word about a former resident with a warrant, and they checked the area. It is believed that he left town.
•Deputy reported that a man who ran out of gas needed a ride from location back to his car with fuel. Deputy assisted.
•Complainant reported someone dumped a bunch of trash in their garbage bins at location.
•Deputy reported a streetlight out on the 100 block of East Main Street.
Feb. 16
•Complainant reported his roommate put the chain lock on the door, and he has no way to get into his house.
•Complainant reported a non-sufficient funds check in the amount of $226.58 to G&S Auto.
•Complainant requested that a vehicle be moved because it was in the way of a water main break.
•Complainant requested we run a criminal history for a probation violation.
•Complainant reported possible sexual abuse.
•Complainant reported stalled semi at location. Semi had broken some hoses and is back on the road. Some farmers helped him out.
•Complainant arrested subject on Pipestone County warrant at location. Posted bond at Rock County Sheriff’s Office and given Pipestone County court date.
•Complainant reported a suicidal female in Sioux Falls. Referred complainant to Minnehaha County.
Feb. 17
•Complainant reported he is in South Dakota and being contacted by the person who has a no contact order against him. All the other orders he has had against him, they weren’t supposed to contact him either. He was told to call Sioux Falls Police Department since he was in South Dakota.
•Complainant reported they have been out of electricity for about 15 minutes at the motel. Contacted city on-call person. Problem is inside the building.
•Deputy reported a streetlight out on the Laundry Mat side at location. Notified City Hall.
•Complainant reported violation of an order for protection.
•Complainant requested that a pulled-over vehicle be checked out regarding two individuals within that vehicle who seemed to be acting strangely.
•Complainant reported someone called to say they had a knife and were in Luverne. Deputies located subject, and this was an unfounded complaint.
•Complainant reported that subject’s electricity is cycling and if they were to show up at sheriff’s office and pay in full, their power would be restored.
•Complainant reported her husband was beating her up. Deputy reported it appears to be a verbal dispute only. Subject was arrested in South Dakota for a DWI.
•Deputy reported an abandoned vehicle on the fog line on County Road 3 north of 81st Street. Contacted G&S to tow.
Feb. 18
•Complainant requested some information regarding a probation violation.
•Deputy advised he would be assisting in the county.
In addition, officers responded to 5 motor vehicle accidents, 5 vehicles in ditch, 24 traffic stops, 11 ambulance runs, 3 paper services, 2 animal complaints, 1 false alarm, 2 fingerprint requests, 7 log/alarm sheets, 6 drug court tests, 4 money escorts, and issued 14 purchase/carry permits and 17 burn permits.