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On the Record April 8 to 14, 2016

Dispatch report
April 8
•Nobles County requested our deputy meet their deputy to transport a person heading west on I-90.
•Deputy did a check on subject who has a warrant out of Rock County. Spoke with subject’s wife.
•Complainant requested to speak with the sheriff about a problem in Hills.
•Complainant reported possible child abuse/neglect.
•Deputy reported a car alarm going off at location. Owner set it off from inside the house.
April 9
•Nobles County requested we look for an individual who may be in Luverne who has a warrant on him.
•Dispatcher received numerous 911 calls from someone with a distorted voice saying something about an ambulance. Deputy reported that it was kids.
•Complainant reported a driving complaint. Passed on to State Patrol.
•Complainant had questions with mail tampering. Unfounded.
•Complainant reported that the American flag flying at the City Hall was in need of attention. The bottom hook was already broken off, and he was worried the flag was about to fly off and be disgraced. Spoke with city personnel, and they said it would be taken care of.
•Complainant reported that there is a white Dodge van parked in front of his house and has been there for a few days. The doors are unlocked and it is full of garbage. He did see one earlier, about a week ago, parked down the street with the hood open. Not sure if it is the same van. Dispatch tried to reach the owner, but did not have a working number. Will wait 24 hours and then it will be towed.
•Complainant reported it sounds like her neighbor is being hurt. While they were walking, the neighbor came out and said she was fine and didn’t need anything. No signs of abuse.
•Complainant reported they found three head of cattle in the John Deere lot and they didn't’ know who they belonged to. Vet came over to help get them in a pen. Made several phone calls to find the owner with no luck.
April 10
•Complainant reported that subject missed her alcohol monitoring tests. Contacted corrections officer.
•Deputy stopped to assist a stalled vehicle at Highway 75 and I-90 with no plates.
April 11
•Dispatcher received a 911 call from a motorist who was on I-90 and wanted to report that his daughter was in Rogers, Minnesota, and wanted to report a vehicle sitting on the side of the road. He was told to have her call 911 and explain it to them. Complainant thought we could notify them.
•Complainant reported possible child neglect.
•Complainant reported sexual abuse that may have occurred in Luverne.
•Reserved for predatory offender registration.
•Complainant reported they are receiving harassing phone calls that are scary from someone in Chicago.
•Complainant reported that the power has been illegally reconnected at a vacant house. Requested to meet with deputy.
•Complainant reported her wallet was stolen and card is being used in Sioux Falls currently.
•Complainant reported he locked his keys in his car on I-90 westbound at exit 18.
•Complainant reported pickup on fire at location close to house. Paged Luverne Fire Department and ambulance.
•Complainant reported that around 6 p.m. a semitrailer hauling dry fertilizer spilled turning onto 71st Street at location, spilling roughly 14 tons of dry fertilizer, 5-6 tons in ditch and rest on highway and tarp. Duty officer was contacted by Cooperative Farmers Elevator.
•Complainant reported vandalism at the dam.
•Complainant reported they received a medical alarm from location. They did make contact with resident but were unable to understand him due to music in the background. Deputy went to verify because previous calls were all lift assists. Call was for a lift assist.
April 12
•Dispatcher received an abandoned 911 call. Unable to reach party back.
•Complainant reported his neighbor is burning plastic and it is very toxic, and there is a burn ban.
•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy in reference to custody issues.
•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy about a fraud issue.
•Complainant reported keys locked in a vehicle at Glen’s.
•Dispatcher received a 911 call from Nobles County. Transferred to them.
•Complainant reported that some people in a car drove by and yelled at her son while he was coming out of Glen’s. Deputy spoke to subject and his mother and advised him to stay away from the other male. Deputy advised subject he made contact.
April 13
•Deputy reported the lights are on in the office of a business. The outside glass of the double pane window in the back appears to be broken. Does not look fresh. All the doors are secure.
•Complainant requested a deputy come and take a report from a female who was assaulted. Happened in Nobles County.
•Complainant reported vandalism to a vehicle.
•Complainant reported possible child abuse/neglect.
Complainant reported issues with a semitrailer on I-90. Transferred to State Patrol.
•Complainant reported child neglect.
•Complainant reported child abuse.
•Complainant reported that he was burning in his trees, and the fire got away from him. Dispatch explained that there was a burn ban on, and he needed to be calling before burning. He stated he did not know that. Complainant also does not have a burn permit.
•Business in Hills reported that they received a bad check.
•Deputy arrested subject on a probation violation. He was taken to jail.
•Complainant reported he was not from the area, but noticed a big fire going on in a farmer’s back yard. He stopped to knock on the door but no answer. Jasper Fire Department was started by Pipestone.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on his parents. He has been trying to reach them all day. They were gone.
•Deputy reported that subject was warned about burning in town. We are in a burn ban. Warned not to be burning at all including grass.
•Complainant reported that a female came in saying she was going to slash tires in the lot, and then she left. She came back and then left in a red Pontiac. Deputy stopped her and arrested her for DWI and took her to jail.
•Complainant reported a suspicious vehicle on County Road 4 west of 190th Avenue.
•Complainant reported they had someone take off on them from the hospital.
April 14
•Complainant reported a black Mitsubishi Eclipse sped out of Casey’s heading south on Highway 75. No plates observed on the front or back. Driver and passenger, both men, were acting suspicious.
•Complainant reported an outdoor alarm going off, and he wanted someone to check on it. Made contact with business and sent deputy.
•Reserved for predatory offender registration.
•Complainant reported a man came in asking if he could take pictures of the building inside and out. He was told he could not take any inside. (License plate was noted.)
•Complainant reported a white older 90s-style Chevy pickup with extended cab drives by and around her corner pretty much ever day after school until late. When he rounds a corner, or just drives, he revs his engine, which scares complainant’s small child, and she thinks it may even hurt her already bad ears.
•Deputy received a call of lights around the Darlene’s Bend area. Deputy advised it is DNR spotting deer.
In addition, officers responded to 3 motor vehicle accidents, 1 deer accident, 1 vehicle in ditch, 2 parking violations, 10 traffic stops, 21 ambulance runs, 4 paper services, 5 animal complaints, 2 false alarms, 7 log/alarm sheets, 3 drug court tests, 4 money escorts, 6 school zone patrols, and issued 17 purchase/carry permits and 24 burn permits.

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