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Searching for the perfect pumpkin

(and finding other things at Drost Family Pumpkin Patch
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Mavis Fodness

For almost two decades the Drost family has invited visitors to their farm south of Luverne.
On Monday and Tuesday children and their families were allowed to pick a pumpkin during a Luverne Community Education event. The patch is open to the general public.
"It's fun," said Deb Drost as she helped her son, Tim, gather participants on the hayrack for a ride to the nearby pumpkin patch. "It's a great educational activity."
Drost said 27 years ago the pumpkin patch began as an activity for her daughter, Andrea, and husband, Gary. She said she was pregnant with Tim at the time. Andrea expanded the patch as an FFA project and began inviting children and families to the patch to learn about the fruit and to take a pumpkin home.  Tim and his wife, Michelle, now oversee the patch. 
Monday's gathering had visitors not only finding the perfect pumpkin but also six black kittens and a woolly caterpillar.

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