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Rock County roadways under water

Falling rain, melting snow contribute to flooding
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Lori Sorenson

Several county roads and an unknown number of township gravel roads in Rock County are closed this morning due to flooding. 
They join dozens of other flooded roadways — including I-90 near Luverne — in southern Minnesota that are making travel difficult for motorists.
Emergency officials warn to remind motorists to be watchful for flooded areas as water can rise quickly.
Culverts plugged with ice, ditches full of snow and plugged catch basin are the primary causes of the flooding. 
State and local crews worked through the night to keep roadways open by clearing drainage paths for the water, but problem areas continue to surface this morning as rain continues to fall and melting snow contributes to accumulations.
Officials will continue to monitor conditions, and if flooding occurs, lanes or other sections of highways will be closed with barricades and other traffic control devices.  
Dozens of roadways were impacted last night across southern Minnesota, and more problem areas are surfacing today as rain continues to fall.
The Rock County Sheriff’s Office reminds all motorists that driving through standing or moving water is dangerous and that it is unlawful to drive through areas where roads are barricaded. 
Vehicles can be swept away in only several inches of moving water.

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