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lori sorenson

  • By Lori Sorenson, editor
    February 15, 2016
    For Christmas we gave Matt wireless headphones to listen to the TV without interference from, well, us, essentially. Carson can practice percussion or play the piano and I can be on the phone or clattering dishes and the xBox downstairs can play at full volume without interfering with Matt’s hockey game. It was the best gift ever. He can hear; we don’t have to “keep it down.” But I’ve also…
  • By Lori Sorenson, editor
    January 25, 2016
    Newspaper offices were at one time fascinating places to visit — with noisy presses, oversized rolls of paper and ink by the barrel. In my time at the Star Herald, we’ve never printed on our own presses, but there were lots of other interesting things to see and do. Tourists were photographed at the door and then led to the darkroom to learn how film (remember film?) is developed and prints are…
  • By Lori Sorenson
    January 04, 2016
    I love snow. There I said it. (Pause here for boos and hisses from snow haters). Sure — it results in shoveling work, driving hazards and public expense for road clearing. But there’s a lot to love about snow. In a Minnesota winter, the landscape is pretty drab after grass goes dormant and trees are leafless, and snow brightens up the place. It’s clean, white and — when it’s not coming down…
  • By Lori Sorenson
    December 14, 2015
    Among the joys of the holiday season are Christmas greeting cards in the mailbox (at the end of the driveway — not an email inbox), on hard copy paper that can be posted on the refrigerator (not a fleeting Facebook post). Social media have somewhat diminished the anticipation of holiday snail mail since we now bump into each other online for brief updates on the goings-on in each other’s lives.…
  • August 31, 2015
      We all remember the days when our children were babies and we’d feel invisible when arriving at social gatherings with our little bundles. “Oh, he’s so cute. And look how he’s grown. Come here, sweetie. Let’s hear you say, ‘Gram-ma.’” Um. Hello? I’m here. Anybody care? Good to see you all, too. My children are no longer babies, and people care again (I think) when they see me. But every so…
  • By Lori Sorenson, editor
    August 03, 2015
      Cancer can be a blessing. I read those words in Brenda Winter’s column a year ago when she wrote about her cancer diagnosis. Now I know what she means. … It took me awhile though. My mom was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer on May 28, and I can assure you, I didn’t consider it a blessing. It’s a cruel curse. A slap in the face to a woman who has lived her life so dedicated to good…
  • By Lori Sorenson, editor
    June 08, 2015
      It’s funny how column topics can change from one major life event to another. I’ve written about the transforming experience of moving from a home after 20 years of accumulating stuff. That was good column fodder. This week’s column was going to be about actually leaving our beloved home to the care of a newly married Luverne couple who will fill the rooms with new memories of their own. These…
  • By Lori Sorenson, editor
    May 04, 2015
      The final step in clearing my attic for our new homeowners was removing several Rubbermaid tubs of toys that had survived the keep-or-throw process. In 19 years of accumulating toys, we had thrown very few away. Once the boys outgrew them or stopped playing with them, I simply packed them away — usually during one of those cleaning flurries for last-minute guests. Because the attic was big, and…
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