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Voices of our Readers Oct. 13, 2022

Fick wants comments on controlling weather
To the Editor:
So NASA now has sent machinery into outer space, targeting toward an asteroid, in fact striking it, attempting to send it into a different orbit. Controlled from earth?
Why then can’t they send a rocket into the eye of a developing hurricane over the center of the ocean, igniting an explosive, destroying or lessening its strength before it hits land, causing severe destruction and human loss? Or redirecting it over colder water or even sparsely populated real estate, controlled from earth!
Will some knowledgeable or informed person comment or explain, please.
Let’s not deny rebuilding storm damaged areas. Guess where many of these people would go. Just a thought!
Robert Fick,
Wallig: Thanks, Good Samaritans, for stopping, helping wife after fall
To the Editor:
I want to thank the two anonymous Good Samaritans who came to my wife’s aid when she fell at the corner of Crawford and Estey streets. 
We had come to Luverne for theTri-State Band Festival and were walking up to the field competition when shetripped, fell and hit her head hard on the sidewalk.
An EMT and apediatrician who were just passing by stemmed thebleeding and helped when I returned with our car nearby.
The Luverne ER decided she required specialized attention, and she was rushed to the neurological wing of the Sanford USC Medical Center in Sioux Falls. 
After surgery and two weeks of wondering if she  would survive, I can report she is rapidlyimproving but will require weeks of therapy with no guarantee of fullrecovery. 
We meanwhile appreciate her friends and the various faith communities of Luverne who are praying for her. Those prayers give her great comfort.
My wife was born and raised here and has family here. We live in Arizona, and Luverne is our second home.
“Love the Life” is an appropriate motto for a truly magnanimous rural city. Our deepest gratitude to all of you who trulycare.
Mark Wallig
(for Ruth Van Batavia Wallig)Luverne

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