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Voices of our Readers Feb. 25, 2021

To the Editor:
Things I find perplexing, perhaps even contradictory:
Why would we shut down a pipeline and transport oil by truck and rail?
Why would a gender who fought years for equality applaud confused men being on their sports team?
How is it that people who claim to be Christians vote for a party that wants to kill babies?
Has the flu been cured? You hear nothing of it. Perhaps we killed the baby that God destined to cure this and other diseases.
Why would someone who says “my body, my choice” endorse mandatory vaccinations?
Have you been to the elementary school to see the snot, food and bacteria laden masks we are forcing our children to wear all day?
Why would any sort of media be for censorship and “fact-checking?” It seems they would have the most to lose under communism.
Why would we question the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence that served us well for 200+ years, when the wise men that wrote them found “these truths to be self evident,” meaning any simple-minded person should be able to understand the most basic ideas of freedom?
Why would you lock down small businesses, yet let hoards of people shop at Walmart?
How did 100+ people march into one of the most secure buildings in the world?
Why is it not racist to have a black only college?
Maybe we should forgive all debts, not just student loans. That will teach all the naysayers who chose to live within their means.
Maybe we should be studying history instead of rewriting it: How is that possible, do they have a time machine?
And lastly, why do we elect lunatics to come up with these absurd ideas?
God bless America.
Todd Meinerts

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