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Voices of our Readers

To the Editor:
Two weeks ago I wrote a letter about the importance of voting – the foundation upon which our democracy is constructed. This letter encourages each of us to become informed citizens in our voting. What do the candidates propose?
The Aug. 30 Minneapolis Star Tribune carried an article, “State’s jobless to get added benefits,” an extra $300 of weekly benefits. This was a partial replacement for the extra $600 per week previously received.
The source of this funding was to be the elimination of the payroll tax on wages, I understand. In the first night of the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump Jr. stated that in the second term, the payroll tax would be eliminated permanently.
Nowhere in the article was there mention that Social Security benefits are primarily funded by payroll taxes assessed on wages.
Like many of you readers, I receive Social Security benefits, and whenever they are threatened, I feel concerned.
So in considering whom to support with your vote, pay attention to the details.
Larry GreenLuverne

To the Editor:
Hey, Rock County, it is time to step up and help a wonderful family who recently got a very tough diagnosis.
Curt Thorson found out recently he has Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, a very tough foe to battle. The community is rallying Saturday afternoon for him and his wife, Caroline, and their three boys at Take 16 in Luverne.
For those of you who do not know Curt personally, he is an awesome husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin and a friend to many.
He has been involved with many aspects of volunteering and helping others. His wife, Caroline, is a teacher in Luverne. Two of his boys graduated from Luverne and one son is still in high school. Their boys are the salt of the earth. Their family has been involved in everything in their church, our community, and school, sports, band, speech, choir, mock trial, and class plays.
Rock county residents have always come to the aid of families when there is a need that arises, and now is another one of those times.
If anything, keep the family in your thoughts and prayers, especially prayers, which are very powerful in helping us in all aspects of life. We hope to see a lot of people joining us at Take16 Brewery in Luverne Saturday. See “Thorson Family Benefit” on Facebook for details.
Jack Hommen
So often we always hear the negative comments, but not the positive ones.
I go out to Maplewood every day or so to water the flowers on my parents’ grave.
One day, a week or so ago, I saw a man filling many jugs with water that were in the back of his pickup as his wife was walking around watering flowers. They do this often at Maplewood and the Catholic Cemeteries. They water this person’s flowers because they knew him, this one because they have no family around here, this one because they worked together and on their list went.
So if you picked up your flowers this year and they looked so nice yet, the people you have to thank are Terry and Diane Gonnerman.
Thank you, Gonnermans, for your service to others, and God bless you both.
Glenda Schomacker

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