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Voice of our Readers May 26, 2022

Mundt: 'Happy Pride Month!'
To the Editor:
First and foremost, Happy Pride Month! June is a month that marks an important opportunity to honor the resilience of LGBTQ families. Sadly,progression is going backward in this country regarding equality, inclusion and women’s rights.
Instead of being celebrated and proud of who they are, people in the LGBTQ community are being censored and restricted. Parents of transgender youth are even being investigated for child abuse for supporting their own children in some states. It is terrifying and unfair.
I don’t ever want anyone in this community to feel alone based on who they choose to love or who they choose to be.  I am an ally for all LGBTQ people.I see you and support you. Please remember, you are a gift to this world,you were made perfectly, and you should be strong and proud of who you are. Others need to realize that providing equality to all in no way means thatthey will receive less.
So, for those who wonder why there is a Pride Month and why there isn’t a Straight Pride month or movement, straight people should be thankful they’ve never had a reason to need one.
And for those who ever need one, I along with many more of my supportive friends, give great Free Mom Hugs!
Ashley  Mundt,

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