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Voice of our Readers June 2, 2022

Mayors: 'Residents of southwest Minnesota are waiting for help...'
To the Editor:
The recently concluded legislative session left a number of important issues unresolved, many of which are important to cities and our residents here in southwestern Minnesota.
Specifically, the agreed-upon final versions of the tax bill and the jobs and energy bill are much-needed items that will offer opportunities to our residents and our communities.
We ask the Senate and House legislative leadership of both parties to agree soon on a short agenda for a one- or two-day special session to act on bills which their conference committees have already agreed on as well as a capital investment bill for much-needed building projects all around Minnesota.
We know the parties may have compelling reasons to wait for these bills to be acted on but waiting while the state has a huge financial surplus makes absolutely no sense and will result in unnecessary delays and additional costs to the taxpaying public. Residents in southwest Minnesota are waiting for help, and our cities are eager to get going on long-awaited projects.
We urge the Legislature to finish its important work quickly and not hold up Minnesota from moving forward.
Southwestern Minnesota Council of Mayors:
Pat Baustian, Luverne;
Nancy Borman, Canby;
Bob Byrnes, Marshall; Myron Koets, Pipestone; Mike Kuhle, Worthington; Dave Smiglewski, Granite Falls; Wayne Walter, Jackson

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