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Voice of our Readers Jan. 28, 2021

Democracy has prevailed
To the Editor:
At his inauguration last Wednesday, President Biden spoke thesewords: “Democracy has prevailed.” Only two weeks after the assaultupon the Capitol.
The only previous assault on Washington, D.C., was in 1812 when theBritish attacked and burned the White House. Also in 1812 Francis Scott Key penned the words to “TheStar Spangled Banner,” our national anthem, as he watched theshelling of Fort McHenry which protected Baltimore.
The words read, in part, “And the rocket’s red glare, the bombsbursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was stillthere. O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o’er the land ofthe free and the home of the brave?”
At the time of the American Civil War, there was a real concern thatour country would be torn apart. President Abraham Lincoln said, “Ahouse divided against itself cannot stand.”
Today we are facing challenges to democracy, concerns of disunity,of disharmony, of distrust of government.
President Biden has called for unity among Americans, of comingtogether to defeat a common enemy that has killed 400,000 of ourfellow Americans. That is more Americans than died in World War II.
Right now we need good government, a government that tells the truth, tells it consistently, and follows through with actions. For this ishow trust in our government is built, and empowers us to join together - no matter our politics - to fight the common enemy.
In unity there is strength. God bless America.
Larry GreenLuverne
Answers are hard to find
To the Editor:
When I was in my 20s, I asked few questions, as I knew everything. In my 40s I started to ask questions, as I realized I didn’t know everything. In my 70s I know very little, so I ask many questions. Here are some of the questions.
Thomas Jefferson helped form and write the Constitution, but since he owned slaves his statues were removed.
George Floyd was murdered by a terrible act so he is memorialized. He was a convict. What is the norm?
Eleven million plus illegal immigrants may be given amnesty. Over 60 million fetuses were denied life through abortion. What is the norm?
A riot on our nation’s Capitol resulted in the presence of 25,000 troops. Riots in our cities resulted in defunding the police. What is the norm?
American people have to spend and borrow based on their income and credit rating. Politicians spend and borrow according to the laws they enacted. What is the norm?
Finally, it is easy to ask questions; it is much harder to find the answers.
Bill PreussLuverne

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