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Letters to the Editor July 1, 2021

Voice of our Readers

Ladd questions Star Herald COVID-19 editorial
To the Editor:
I am writing in response to the “BIG thumbs up” in the June 24, 2021, edition of the Star Herald.
According to your “Covid Corner” table on page 2A, 3,637 people in Rock County have the completed series of the Covid shot. There are approximately 9,687 people living in Rock County. That pencils out to approximately 38 percent of Rock County residents having received the completed series.
I disagree with your assessment that 38 percent of fully inoculated Rock County residents is the reason life in Rock County has been able to return to “pre-pandemic normal”. There are other factors playing into this return to normalcy, such as immunity due to having had the Covid virus.
I would also like to suggest a retraction of the last sentence in the paragraph written in the “BIG thumbs up.” It may have been bold and foolish of you to assume that you possess the insight as to why Rock County residents may or may not have been part of “the effort” to return to normal. I accept your apology.
Sherri Ladd

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