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Green: 'Let us all stand up for America by voting'

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
This political season leading up to the November general election has already begun to heat up with strong emotions, accusations and charges, but also a promise of how we may begin to heal as a country.
We need hope as we face challenges on many fronts: health, employment and losses that may combine to feel overwhelming at times. As we have heard many times, we’re all in this together.
We come together on general election day to exercise our right to vote. A free and fair election is the cornerstone upon which our democracy is built. It is this principle that has defined us for almost 250 years and earned us the admiration of people around the world.
I feel this is under attack every year, and each of our voices needs to be heard. It is vital we stand up for democracy!
In talking with an official at the Rock County Courthouse about the election, he echoed my concerns and expressed the assurance that this process would be protected. Voting early is suggested.
He said information about the voting process would be presented during the week of Aug. 17 and could be found on the county website:
Let us all stand up for America by voting. Your vote counts!
We’re all in this together.
Larry GreenLuverne

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