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Green: Congratulations, voters

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
Congratulations to the voters of Rock County. You turned out inrecord numbers to support your candidates.
On the evening when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were speaking totheir supporters in Delaware, celebrating the honor of being chosen tolead the country forward,there was also television coverage in Arizona outside the buildingwhere the votes were being counted. On one side of the parking lotthere was a group of Biden supporters, and on the other side of theparking lot there was a group of Trump supporters. Separated both bydistance, and by how they see the world.
President-elect Biden spoke of many things, but at the center was acall for unity. For citizens to set aside their differences in favor of coming together to solve problems.
Whatever you think of Joe Biden’s politics, almost everyone whoknows him says he is a good man, an honest man, a man of faith. Theseequip him for this task. Together with vice-president-elect Harris,they have a great task ahead of them.
The losses and sorrows Joe has experienced in his personal life allowhim to feel the sadness of others, and to express the empathy thiscountry so sorely needs.
Hopefully, people can choose to come together, to walk across theideological parking lots, to talk, to listen, to better understand oneanother. And, perhaps, to join hands to work through the challenges weall face as a nation.
Our strength lies in uniting together asAmericans.
God Bless America.
Larry GreenLuverne

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