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Generations supporters contribute to healthy community for all ages

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support at the April 1 Dessert Theater and Auction in Grand Prairie Events for our Generations organization.
The evening was an impressive showcase of local talent — from the delicious desserts to the beautiful music to the hilarious acting — that made us once again proud to be part of this community.
By the end of the night all the generous ticket buyers (roughly 300 attendees), bidders, donors and volunteers combined efforts to raise more than $71,000 for the new Generations building.
What a remarkable statement of support for our project, which will provide a modern space for nutrition and social enrichment as we all seek to age well long into the future.
We’re grateful to everyone involved in making our community a healthy place for all ages.
George Bonnema, Luverne,
on behalf of the Generations Board of Directors

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