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What's on the Star Herald 'thumbs list?'

Political signs, roundabout and trees

The Star Herald this week doles out “thumbs up and thumbs down” for a variety of topics that have frequently come up in local conversations.
Thumbs up — to the volunteers, organizers and sponsors of the Nov. 28 Santa Train, fireworks and park lighting. Everything was well-organized and executed, which results in holiday cheer and goodwill all the way around. The evening drive through the park is well worth the effort.
Thumbs up — to the Terry Connell memorial collector car ride. Many of us have lost loved ones this year, and it was truly a touching sight having so many people gather together in a unique tribute.
Thumbs down — to the offensive political sign near the fairgrounds on Freeman Street. Sharing political views on a bold sign with vulgar expletives goes beyond the norms of free expression. The Star Herald has received several requests to mention the Freeman Street sign as a “thumbs down,” especially since the school bus stops near the sign.
Thumbs up — to the Hills Building Communities Stronger committee who brought back the community supper, Santa Claus visit and public Christmas tree — along with holiday cheer in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
Thumbs down — to home owners who accumulate junk in their yards. It reflects poorly on neighborhoods where other residents are trying to do better.
Thumbs up — to the grounds crew of Luverne Public School who removed a dozen 60-year-old pine trees in front of the middle-high school. Sorry, folks, we all hate to see a tree cut down, but they were dying and needed to go. The bright side of their demise: resourceful decorators salvaged branches and cones for holiday greenery in outdoor pots and table centerpieces.
Thumbs down — to MnDOT’s roundabout proposal at Main Street and Highway 75. We don't argue the potential merits of a roundabout, but considering so many other pressing transportation needs (repairing Highway 75 north) we feel there are far better ways to spend $900,000.
Thumbs up — also to the organizers, volunteers and sponsors of Luverne’s Winterfest. There were so many enriching activities and events that added up to a fine community celebration. What a proud weekend for Luverne.
Thumbs up — to another crowd pleaser display at the Cozy Rest Hotel. We’ve watched for weeks as each string of lights was added. The result is a wonderful burst of color on those drab winter events.
Thumbs down — our “walking-down-Highway 75” moose on the loose might have met his demise on a road near Tea, South Dakota. We need to be more careful during the fall hunting season when more wildlife is roaming and crossing our highways.
Thumbs up — to the Leicher family for bringing an original Luverne Automobile back to its original manufacturing city. The car is a welcome new addition to the History Center where many have already stopped to see it.
Thumbs up — to local landowners who set aside less-than-productive farmland for wildlife management and have chosen to participate in the state’s Walk-In program. Our local pheasant hunters report they’ve had a very successful harvest in Rock County, rivaling hunting spots in South Dakota.

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