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We need you, and maybe more importantly you need us

Guest Editorial
Cary Radisewitz, Building Bridges JC, Luverne

We’ve started a new foundation in Rock County that I’d encourage you to join.  Building Bridges JC is non-profit that is part of the Luverne Area Community Foundation (LACF). 
All are welcome to participate. We are not affiliated with a church or a political party.
The goal of Building Bridges JC is to reach out to groups and individuals that need help and see if we can muster resources to help them. 
The term “building bridges” does not mean a physical bridge. It describes an attitude of looking for people who help and going to them, rather than waiting for someone to come to us. 
A big part of our charge is to help area nonprofit groups be more successful. Our local associations need help with fundraising, marketing, transportation, or more hands to set up for an event. 
We’ll be there for them.  Our hope is that we can use the talents of our group to make a positive difference. 
In our short existence we have already helped the local FCA youth football league purchase equipment and raise funds to help send older students to summer camps.
Help us help groups improve mental wellness
We are currently working with the school district and health professionals to bring some much-needed mental wellness assistance to Rock County.
Those signing up to be a part of Building Bridges JC can volunteer as often or as little as they want. They can also help to build a bridge to a nonprofit or individual that they know needs help. 
So we need you, but why do you need Building Bridges JC? For your health. 
According to Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin, adults in their 60s and older need to have a purpose. If they don’t have a purpose, it’s bad for their health.
Research shows that a lack of purpose is a huge red flag for early death. Studies show that those without purpose were twice as likely to die within the next five years when compared with people that reported a high sense of purpose. 
You need to consider teaming up with Building Bridges JC. The good work we’ll do will give you a sense of accomplishment which is huge for your overall health. Plus, it will get you out seeing others. 
Over the last three years there has been a 33-percent increase in the diagnosis of major depression in women. A big part of this increase has been driven by loneliness.
Also, 76 percent of middle-aged Americans reported moderate to high levels of loneliness. Loneliness is twice as much of a predictor of early death than even obesity. 
You need us, and we need you. What a great team we’ll make! The next time you’re sitting with friends, and everyone is talking about the Netflix series they’ve been watching or all the movies they’ve been buying from Prime Video, take note. 
Those activities are fun, but are they giving a meaning and a purpose? We have talent in Rock County that we need to get off the couch and into the community making a difference. Do it for your health. Do it for you. When you see what a difference we can make with those who need help, it will all be worth your effort. 
There are no fees to join, no age limits, no meetings or no time commitments. Our hope is to have a well-intended army of folks ready to help if we discover a need in our community. 
We’ll send out an email to all who join, letting them know that someone needs help. Those who are available will team up and try to figure out a way to help.
Donate to the cause
We need all kinds of talent. Those who are good on the computer, fundraisers, individuals willing to do light manual labor and last, but surely not least, we always need prayer warriors looking out for our success. 
Those who can donate to our cause please drop off a check at LACF (next to the Palace Theatre) or email me and I’ll help. 
All contributions are tax-deductible and 100 percent of your contribution will go to do good. 
Building Bridges JC is an all-volunteer organization. No one is paid. We won’t be able to help everyone, but we will try our best to make a difference to those we can. Please email me at if interested. Blessings to you all.

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