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Star Herald issues 'thumbs' to snow workers, snow sports, Winter Carnival and more

Star Herald Editorial

Thumbs up — to snowplow drivers and snow removal crews fighting a non-stop battle this winter.
Thumbs up — to law enforcement, first responders, utility workers and others who work in winter conditions to keep people safe.
Thumbs down — to those who drive on closed roads in the winter. They put themselves and others at risk by doing so and can delay the opening of the roads if they become stranded. 
Thumbs up — to modern-day technology and policies that allow working and learning from home during this "old-fashioned" winter we’ve been experiencing this year. 
Thumbs down — to uneven sidewalks and cracks that stop my snow shoveling abruptly.
Thumbs up — to the “good neighbors” who helped each other recover from the weekly weather occurrences.
Thumbs up — to the great opportunities for winter recreation, such as sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, etc. The snow creates the opportunities; all we have to do is take advantage of it.
Thumbs up — to creative individuals who organize ways to get us outside such as the Hills-Beaver Creek eighth graders and their Little Free Sled Library.
Thumbs up — to Blue Mounds State Park naturalist Tiffany Muellner who hosted the New Year’s Day hike and wildlife talks and is facilitating the upcoming candlelight hike.
Thumbs up — to the organizers, supporting businesses and attendees of the 41st Annual Music Boosters Winter Carnival on Saturday. It's a great tradition and it seems like a smaller number of volunteers each year work hard to make it happen.
Thumbs down — to the poor condition of Highway 75. It’s already in full pothole mode and it’s supposed to last until 2025 when the state is planning its reconstruction.
Thumbs up — to school officials who juggle and reschedule class time, bus schedules and extracurricular activities because of weather related cancelations.
Thumbs up — to the Luverne’s Minnesota Veterans Home for being recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of America’s Best Nursing Homes. 

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