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Thank veterans for freedoms you enjoy today

For What It's Worth
Rick Peterson, general manager

Next Thursday, Nov. 11, is Veterans Day, and I just want to remind folks to take a couple of moments to think about and appreciate the men and women who have served and will serve our country in the armed forces.
I never served in the military, and frankly it’s one of my greatest regrets in life. If I had a do over, I like to think I would have served our country.
There are a number of Veterans Day programs next Thursday. See the back pages of Section A and B in today’s paper and maybe consider attending one of them. They are all open to the public.
It’s not always easy to spot a veteran, but if you know someone who is a veteran, thank them for their service.
I witnessed a really cool thing a few years ago. I happened to be out in South Dakota pheasant hunting. As timing would have it, the second day of the trip was Veterans Day.
It was a very successful hunt that day, and my hunting buddies and I were hashing over the day’s hunt while enjoying a couple of cold ones in the local watering hole.
Someone standing at the bar turned to the crowd and yelled out, “May I have your attention, please.” Then he reminded all of us that it was Veterans Day and asked if anyone in the crowd was a veteran and if so, to please stand.
Six or seven guys stood, and then he told the rest of crowd it’s because of these guys we have the freedom to enjoy the life we live.
The rest of the crowd rose to their feet and gave the veterans a standing ovation. Those veterans didn’t have to buy another drink or pay for their meal that night.
So, whatever freedoms you choose to enjoy, thank a veteran for them.

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