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Lost a wheelbarrow? Check with the Star Herald

For What It's Worth
Lead Summary
Rick Peterson, general manager

We don’t have a lost and found department here at the Star Herald office, but from time to time someone might stop in the office and drop off a set of keys or maybe a glove that someone apparently accidently lost outside on the sidewalk.
Up until last week the items turned in as lost have been of the smaller size. Well, not anymore.
Monday morning when I pulled up to the back door at the office, I noticed a wheelbarrow pushed up against the back wall of the building. The black Truper wheelbarrow isn’t new, but the tire has air and the handles are in good shape, so it’s certainly in working condition.
The question is how and why did it end up behind our building?
On more occasions than I can remember, I have lost a few items over the years. After the frustration of misplacing said items, I kind of like the challenge of finding them.
The first search for the lost item is generally a waste of time because you’re in a hurry and still a little PO’d because you can’t find it right away.
If the second search ends up unsuccessful, it’s time to take a timeout.
For me, the third search is done a little bit more under control. Search No. 3 is a stationary search, done completely in my head with my eyes closed. Back-tracking my steps and movement, with my eyes closed seems to provide me with a clearer picture of the search. Search No. 3 usually works if the lost item is in the last place I put it.
If search No. 3 is about as successful as the Vikings trying to win the Super Bowl, then it’s on to search No. 4.
Search No. 4 is when you look in all the places where the lost item may have fallen out of sight – between the seat cushions, under the desk, in your pants pockets … if you’re looking for your glasses, check the top of your head.
Sooner or later hopefully you’ll find the lost item, and that sense of relief is such a great feeling.
So, if you misplaced a wheelbarrow and you’re back-tracking your steps, you won’t find it where I found it. I moved it indoors.

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