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bits by betty

Lead Summary
betty mann, Rock County Historical Society president

The following appeared in the Rock County Herald on June 8, 1923:
Report of Luverne School Nurse Discloses 169 Out of 188 in High School Were Defective
Out of 188 pupils of the Luverne high school who were examined by School Nurse Clara Herm, 169 were found defective, according to a report submitted at a meeting of the executive board of the Rock county chapter of the Red Cross, held Monday afternoon. Of the 169 cases, 29 were defects of vision, 66 of teeth, 29 of the skin, 27 of the throat, 14 of the glands, 6 of the nose, 18 of hearing and 3 of eyes.
Four hundred thirty-nine children were examined in Central school, and only 15 of these had no defects. One hundred thirty-nine had defects of vision, 6 of the eyes, 82 of the ears, 280 of the teeth, 42 of the nose, 161 of the throat, 26 of the skin, and 119 of the glands. Of the total of 570 pupils who were weighed, 245 were normal, 164 slightly below normal, 133 7% underweight, and 28 were 20% overweight.
County Nurse J. B. Riecke also presented a report of her work during the month of May. She had made visits to the town of Hardwick, Kenneth, Kanaranzi, Hills, Magnolia, Ashcreek, and to the county Poor Farm. She reports that 124 defects in children of the county had been corrected, 108 of the teeth, 10 of the throat and 6 of the eyes, and that 247 pupils had gained in weight through the monthly weighing project.

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