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The best is yet to come

Built on a Rock
Pastor Jeremy Wiersema, Reformed Church of Steen

As a little boy I was always looking forward to something. When will Grandpa and Grandma get here? How many more days until Christmas? When is Dad coming home from work? When is supper? When can we play a game, fix a puzzle, read a book, or watch Captain Kangaroo?
As I got older, I was still looking forward to many things. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to drive, get my first job, buy my first car, or graduate from high school.
Then I couldn’t wait until I was finished with college and started working full time.
I asked my wife to marry me with the wedding date over eight months later, and those eight months seemed like forever.
I couldn’t wait because I was always looking forward to something. I guess the reason this was true is because I believed that the best was yet to come.
I still believe the best is yet to come, and I want to challenge all of us to live that way.
In the book of Exodus, God, with his mighty hand and outstretched arm, leads the people of Israel out of Egypt. God parted the Red Sea, and the people crossed on dry land. They escaped Pharaoh and his mighty army through God’s miraculous protection.
Now safe on the other side out of their enemy’s reach, one would be certain that the people would believe that the best is yet to come. However, the people complained and they looked back. They wished they were still slaves in Egypt.
For some reason, they did not believe that the best was yet to come. Why did they look back with so much fondness on the days of their captivity? Why do we sometimes look back in our own lives at the good old days? Why do we try to live our adult lives looking back in time? Don’t we believe the best is yet to come?
God has a plan and a purpose for each of us. He wants what is best for me and he wants what is best for you. Therefore we need to teach ourselves to look forward much more than we look backward. Otherwise we risk making the same mistakes the Israelites did.
Today we all need to make a choice. Will we choose to believe that with God’s leading in our lives, the best is yet to come? Or will we choose to live like our best days are behind us? Join me and let’s look forward together!

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