Why Advertise? is a daily source of Rock County information, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With breaking news, area sports, videos, photo slideshows, a community section and regular updates throughout the day. Allow us to emphasize your presence on the internet with an online advertising campaign designed specifically for you.

The tremendous success of the internet over the past decade has created new opportunities for marketers. Web Advertising offers Marketers more tools and functions than ever before.

Web Advertising Advantages:

  • Advertise Products and Specials
  • Drive Website Traffic to Your Site
  • The latest technology and trained staff to design dynamic online advertising.
  • Collecting Customer Information (contest registration, click-thrus etc.)
  • On an average month over 18,000 visitors come to our site - those visitors see Your Advertising.


Options to Advertise offers a variety of advertising options at all price ranges. Check out the options below and then email our sales representatives or call our office at 507-283-2333 and ask for web advertising.

Online Sponsorship Options:

  • Sponsor our weather link
  • Sponsor a slideshow for a specific event or activity. Your ad appears among the photos.
  • Be a gold video sponsor. Place your logo and contact information at the beginning of a video.
  • Be a platinum video sponsor. We will create a custom video commercial that runs before our videos.
  • Have your business highlighted in our business directory with a photo and link to your Web site.

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