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  • By Greg Hoogeveen, sports editor
    March 20, 2024
    Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, try reteaching an old(er) dog, (young)er tricks. After years and years of not playing golf, I (the older dog), have joined the Luverne Country Club and taken up golf (the younger trick) again. I was on the school golf team when I first learned the sport of hitting a small ball into a small hole that was placed far…
  • By Greg Hoogeveen, sports editor
    February 21, 2024
    Senior Anika Boll is heading back to the girls’ state hockey tournament for her fifth year in a row with the team. I had an opportunity to visit with her this past week about her experience on the team. “I am excited this is how my final high school hockey season is going to end,” she said. Anika was on the girls’ hockey team as an eighth-grader back in 2020 and in 2024, five years later, as a…
  • By Greg Hoogeveen, sports editor
    September 20, 2023
    The 2023-24 school year is in full swing, and fall sports are almost halfway through the regular season schedule. The school sports cycle continues, and at the end of the fall season it will mark my one-year anniversary as the Rock County Star Herald sports editor. Luverne and Hills-Beaver Creek school districts have strong athletic programs, and it is a pleasure covering all the events for…
  • By Greg Hoogeveen
    August 23, 2023
    Did you know there are 108 double-sided stitches on an official major league baseball? The first and last stitch are hidden. My daughter, Tayler, and I were recently going over ideas for my next column when she asked if I knew any weird facts about sports that may interest my readers. I wasn’t sure what to say but quickly started rummaging through the web for content.  Here are 10 facts I…
  • By Greg Hoogeveen
    July 27, 2023
    This week is the 2023 Rock County Fair, and it’s a big week for the sports guy at the Star Herald. I have committed to being on the Star Herald teams for Wednesday night’s Donkey Races and Friday Night’s Ag Olympic. Being a city boy with limited barnyard experience, I am a bit scared and excited to see how these events go. Growing up, I have had the opportunity to ride a pig or two at a relative’…
  • By Greg Hoogeveen
    July 02, 2023
    When I started my job at the Star Herald, I was asked to do a sports column from time to time. Having been here for just over seven months and feeling more confident about my position, I decided it’s time. The first thing I had to do was to come up with a name for my sports-related column. After a few suggestions that went afoul, such as “Sports Shorts” (a nod to my short stature), I decided to…
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