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worm farming

  • By Brenda Winter, columnist
    January 31, 2023
    The other girls recoiled in horror when Great Grandpa Gerald pulled back the plywood cover on his basement-based worm farm, but five-year-old Lillian leaned in, which is why she received a worm farm for Christmas. Grandpa’s worm farm is contained in a 100-gallon stock tank and holds several thousand worms. Lillian’s worm farm is far smaller than Grandpa’s. It’s not a stock tank, or even a 5-…
  • By Brenda Winter, columnist
    November 08, 2022
    So, my dad has a worm farm. He’s currently runnin’ a few thousand head of red wigglers. It’s not 80 acres or anything like that. It’s just a galvanized stock tank in the farmhouse basement sitting under the old canning counter.  The purpose of the worms is to produce castings (worm poop) to amend the soil in my parents’ organic, raised-bed gardens. Dad uses an Instant Pot to cook home-grown…
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