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Wrestlers gain valuable experience in tournaments

Lead Summary
Greg Hoogeveen

Luverne wrestlers had a full week of duals and individual matches this past week. 
The Cardinals hosted a triangular with Windom-Mountain Lake losing 39-35, and they fell to Worthington 45-33 on Jan.17.
LHS traveled to the Wabasso Invitational Jan. 21, placing eighth out of nine in the team competition.
Luverne will travel to Murray County Central for a Varsity Quad Thursday, Jan. 26, and then will host a Varsity Quad in the Luverne Cardinal Gym on Tuesday, Jan. 31.
Luverne Triangular
The Luverne wrestling team hosted a triangular with Windom-Mountain Lake and Worthington Tuesday, Jan. 17.  
The Cardinals dropped their two matches that night. 
Luverne’s lost its first dual to Windom 39-35 in close meet. In their second dual Luverne fell to Worthington 45-33.
“Our team wrestled hard; we just fell a little short. We knew both duals were going to be tight,” head coach Jorden Kopp said.
“We had a couple matches that could have gone a different way, but that happens, and we are going to keep moving forward and use it as motivation.”
Windom, 39, LHS 35
In Luverne’s first dual the Cardinals came up a little short, losing to the Windom-   Mountain Lake Cobras.
LHS won three matches by decision, one by fall and three by forfeit.
The Cobras won six matches by pins, one by decision and one by forfeit.
Match breakdown:
106 – Preston Xayachak (W) over Brody Kopp (L) by fall.
113 – Matthew Voehl (W) over Brenie Rock (L) by fall.
120 – Kameron Koerner (W) over Matthew Gangestad (L) Dec. 10-8.
126 – Leif Ingebretsen (L) over Aiden Holmberg (W) Dec. 9-7.
132 – Tucker Renquist (W) over Rayden Boyenga (L) by fall.
138 – Jared Hunter (W) over Hudson Hough (L) by fall.
145 – Noah Holmberg (W) over Cameron McCrary (L) by fall.
152 – Eagan Maras (W) by forfeit.
160 – DJ Rock (L) by forfeit.
170 – Sam Rock (L) over John Bergman (W) Major Dec. 13-1.
182 - Cash Bonnett (L) by fall.
195 – Jacob Madison (L) over Graycen Hansen (W) by Major Dec. 9-0.
220 – Kane Akkerman (L) win by forfeit.
285 – Masyn Akkerman (L) win by forfeit.
 Worthington 45, LHS 33
In Luverne’s second match the Cardinals faced the Worthington Trojans.
LHS won two matches by pins, one by decision and three by forfeit.
The Trojans won seven matches by pins and one by decision. 
Match breakdown:
106 – Saul Galvez (W) over Brody Kopp (L) by fall.
113 – Bernie Rock (L) win by forfeit.
120 – Dalton Larson (W) over Matthew Gangestad (L) Dec. 9-4.
126 – Leif Ingebretsen (L) win by forfeit.
132 – Oscar Galvez (W) over Rayden Boyenga (L) by fall.
138 – Hudson Hough (L) over Moo Bleh by fall.
145 – Miat Htoo (W) over Cameron McCrary (L) by fall.
152 Josiah Banegas (W) Trevan Bell (L) by fall.
160 – DJ Rock (L) over Levi Hennings (W) by fall.
170 – Cash Bonnett (L) over Eh Day Htoo (W) by Dec. 15-8
182 – Sam Rock (L) win by forfeit.
195 – Evan Neuberger (W) over Jacob Madison (L) by fall.
220 – Mason Schitz (W) over Kane Akkerman (L) by fall.
285 – Kasey Gerhard (W) over Masyn Akkerman (L) by fall.
Wabasso Invitational
The Luverne wrestling team participated in the Wabasso Invitational Saturday, Jan. 21.
Teams invited, individual wrestler count and results are as follows: 
Tri-City United (17 wrestlers) 202.5 points, 
Quad County (13) 155.5, host Wabasso (11) 145.5, Benson (14) 138.5, 
Redwood Valley (15) 133.o, 
St. James (9) 109.5, 
Worthington (10) 104.0, 
Luverne (12) 89.0 and 
Springfield (7) 83.0.
“Wabasso was a tough tournament and the competition there was some of the best,” coach Kopp said.
Eight of the 12 Luverne wrestlers placed sixth or better. Four did not place but gained experience.
Luverne did have two individual wrestlers place first in their weight class. Senior DJ Rock at the 170 and junior Sam Rock at 170.
Junior Jacob Madison at 182 and seventh-grader Kane Akkerman at 220 placed fifth in their weight classes.
Freshman Bernie Rock at 113, eighth-grader Matthew Gangestad at 120 and eighth-grader Hudson Hough at 132 all placed sixth in their weight classes.
Other wrestlers who did not place were eighth-grader Brody Kopp at 106, sophomore Leif Ingebretsen at 126, eighth-grader CeCe Rock at 138 and freshman Cameron McCrary at 138.
“We had some good matches, and some matches we would love to have back, but those are going to drive us to get better,” Kopp said.
Individual weight class results are as follows:
106 - Brody Kopp 
Quarterfinal - Olson (Benson) over Kopp (Luverne) Fall. Cons. Round 1 - Johnson (Saint James) over Kopp (Luverne) Fall.
113 - Bernie Rock
Quarterfinal - O`Meara (Tri-City) over Rock (Luverne) MD 12-1.
Cons. Round 1 - Rock (Luverne) over Hildahl (Quad County) Fall. Cons. Semi - Skoblik (Wabasso) over Rock (Luverne) Fall. 5th Place Match - Baumgartner (Quad County) over Rock (Luverne) Dec 4-1.
120 - Matthew Gangestad Quarterfinal - Viskocil (Tri-City) over Gangestad (Luverne) Dec 9-8. Cons. Round 1 - Gangestad (Luverne) over Amberg (Redwood Valley) Dec 10-6. Cons. Semi - Larson (Worthington) over Gangestad (Luverne) Dec 7-1. 5th Place Match - Viskocil (Tri-City) over Gangestad (Luverne) MD 16-2.
126 - Leif Ingebretsen
Quarterfinal - Hippe (Benson) over Ingebretsen (Luverne) Dec 7-3. Cons. Round 1 - Ourada (Redwood Valley) over Ingebretsen (Luverne) TF-1.
132 - Hudson Hough 
Quarterfinal - Hough (Luverne) over Wah (Benson) Fall. Semifinal - Franek (Tri-City) over Hough (Luverne) Fall. Cons. Semi - Tande (Saint James Area) over Hough (Luverne) Fall. 5th Place Match - Flowers (Wabasso) over Hough (Luverne) SV-1 8-6.
138 - Cece Rock 
Champ. Round 1 - Marotzke (Wabasso) over Rock (Luverne) Dec 6-0. Cons. Round 1 - Rock (Luverne) received a bye. Cons. Round 2 - Bleh (Worthington) over Rock (Luverne) Dec 8-3.
138 - Cameron McCrary 
Champ. Round 1 - McCrary (Luverne) received a bye.  Quarterfinal - Johnson (Tri-City) over McCrary (Luverne) Fall. Cons. Round 2 - Wilke (Quad County) over McCrary (Luverne) Dec 9-8.
160 - DJ Rock
Champ. Round 1 - Rock (Luverne) over Chervany (Quad County) Fall. Quarterfinal - Rock (Luverne) over Bast (Springfield) Fall. Semifinal - Rock (Luverne) over Hernandez (Redwood Valley) Fall. 1st Place Match - Rock (Luverne) over Johnson (Springfield) Fall.
170 - Sam Rock
Quarterfinal - Rock (Luverne) received a bye. Semifinal - Rock (Luverne) over Hildahl (Quad County) Dec 6-3. 1st Place Match - Rock (Luverne) over Mcgee (Benson) Dec 4-0.
182 - Jacob Madison 
Quarterfinal - Klassen (Benson) over Madison (Luverne) Fall. Cons. Round 1 - Madison (Luverne) over Reinke (Redwood Valley) Fall. Cons. Semi - Neuberger (Worthington) over Madison (Luverne) Fall. 5th Place Match - Madison (Luverne) won by injury default over Hogrefe (Benson).
220 - Kane Akkerman 
Quarterfinal - Akkerman (Luverne) received a bye. Semifinal - Reyes (Tri-City) over Akkerman (Luverne) Fall. Cons. Semi - Jaenisch (Quad County) over Akkerman (Luverne) Dec 9-2. 5th Place Match - Akkerman (Luverne) won by injury default over Sholes (Worthington).
285 - Masyn Akkerman 
Quarterfinal - Akkerman (Luverne) over Kobberman (Benson) SV-1 7-5. Semifinal - Sweep (Quad County) over Akkerman (Luverne) Dec 8-3. Cons. Semi - Duff (Tri-City) over Akkerman (Luverne) Dec 2-1. 5th Place Match - Kobberman (Benson) over Akkerman (Luverne) Fall.