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H-BC volleyball team takes first set win, still searching for first game win

Lead Summary
Joni Deelstra for the Star Herald

The H-BC Patriots met four volleyball opponents last week but are still looking for their first win of the season.
H-BC plays at Edgerton Tuesday evening. These two teams met last Friday, and Edgerton topped H-BC 3-1.
H-BC 0, MLA-C 3
The Patriots fell to MLA-C in three sets Tuesday night. H-BC had a good night serving but continued to struggle with passing the ball.
Lanae Elbers played a solid game for the Patriots. She started out with a kill early in the first set to give them the edge early 2-1. Grace Abderson passed the ball to setter Brynn Rauk, who set Elbers up for another kill 6-4. Rauk added a point with a push to an open spot making it 8-6. The score was tied at 17-17. An ace serve by Elbers kept the score close at 19-20 but MLA-C finished the set 19-25.
Layla Deelstra gave H-BC the first point in the second set with a kill to start 1-3. A pass by Elbers to Rauk, back to Elbers for the kill 2-3. A pass by Olivia Bork, to Bailey Spykerboer to set Rauk up for the kill brought the score to 5-14. Elbers scored off a block and Spykerboer added an ace serve before MLA-C finished the set 13-25.
In the third set, Larissa Steinhoff, Rauk and Elbers connected on a few plays to keep the score close 6-4. Aspen Shimp and Steinhoff both scored off kills to tie the score 17-17, but H-BC went on to lose 19-25.
Team statistics:
Brynn Rauk: 4 kills, 8 set assists, 12/12 serving with 1 ace serve, 4 digs
Olivia Bork: 12/14 serving with 2 ace serves, 6 digs
Bailey Spykerboer: 6/8 serving with 1 ace serve, 5 set assists, 1 block
Larissa Steinhoff: 3 kills, 4/4 serving with 1 ace serve, 12 digs, 1 block
Lanae Elbers: 11 kills, 6/8 serving with 2 ace serves, 4 digs, 3 blocks 
H-BC 0,  RRC 3
The volleyball season is nearly half over and H-BC continues to battle for their first win. RRC was able to defeat the Patriots in three sets Thursday.
To start the game, Grac Anderson passed to Brynn Rauk to set Lanae Elbers up for the kill 1-1. Bailey Spykerboer added a point off an ace serve 4-8. Layla Deelstra got a kill followed by a push to the back corner to fall into an empty spot by Spykerboer to make it 9-13. A block by Elbers made it 14-18 but RRC took over the set to win 15-25.
A pass from Larissa Steinhoff, set by Deelstra, and kill by Elbers started out the second set. Rauk followed with an ace serve. Deelstra added a kill followed by an ace serve to make the score 4-2. Elbers and Spykerboer were both able to get a block, but RRC would pull ahead 10-14. Elbers was able to add a couple more kills with assists by Spykerboer and Rauk to make it 15-18. Both teams had several missed serves and RRC went on to take the set 18-25.
H-BC was able to keep the lead most of the third set. Elbers and Steinhoff both scored off kills. Malli Ternus came into the game and had four serves in a row and the Patriots had a good lead 18-13. Steinhoff passed to Rauk to set Deelstra up for the kill to score 20-16. RRC was able to tie the score 23-23. Deelstra got a hit to get the lead back 24-23. The score tied again at 24-24 but H-BC would fall short again 24-26. 
Team statistics:
Steinhoff: 5 kills, 5/5 serving, 6 digs
Deelstra: 5 kills, 8/10 serving with 1ace, 5 digs
Elbers: 9 kills, 2 blocks, 6/7 serving with 1 ace
Rauk: 1 kill, 6/6 serving with 1 ace, 7 set assists, 7 digs
Spykerboer: 5 set assists, 2 kills, 3 digs, 1 block
Anderson: 7/7 serving, 9 digs
Bork: 8/8 serving with 2 aces, 9 digs
Friday, September 23
Joni Deelstra
H-BC versus Edgerton
12-25, 15-25, 25-23, 13-25
H-BC 1, Edgerton 3
H-BC and Edgerton took a new approach to a homecoming volleyball game this year. The game was played on Friday afternoon at 12:30 with H-BC’s elementary and secondary students and Edgerton’s secondary students present.
The bands from both schools sat together to play the national anthem. Both student bodies displayed school spirit with cheering  and flag waving. A traveling trophy was awarded to the winning team to take back to display at their school.
“We wanted to give our volleyball team a homecoming experience they will never forget,” said H-BC secondary principal Andrew Kellenberger.
“Having both student bodies in one gymnasium is going to give our teams that state competition crowd with a homecoming spirit feel.”
The Patriots started the game with Layla Deelstra passing to setter Brynn Rauk to set Lanae Elbers up for the kill 1-0. Bailey Spykerboer added an ace serve 5-7. Deelstra, Larissa Steinhoff and Elbers all scored off kills, but Edgerton pulled ahead 9-19. Sammons and Deelstra both added a kill before the set ended 12-25.
A pass from Grace Anderson to Rauk to set Steinhoff up for the kill got H-BC started 1-1. Deelstra and Spykerboer both added a kill 4-5. A point off a tip by Deelstra, followed by an ace serve from Olivia Bork, brought the score to 11-17. Elbers added a kill with an assist by Spykerboer 12-22. Edgerton won the second set 15-25.
Elbers played a strong third set. She started out the score 3-2 with a block and a kill, and an ace serve by Steinhoff brought the score to 5-2. A short pass by Elbers to Rauk and back to Elbers brought the score to 6-5. Edgerton was able to pull ahead before Spykerboer had a push to an open spot in the back corner to get the ball back 10-12. Steinhoff added a kill followed by two kills from Elbers to get the lead back 15-12. Edgerton made their way back to tie 23-23, but a couple of errors on their side gave the Patriots their first set win 25-23.
Edgerton was able to bounce back in the fourth set. Elbers started off with a kill and a block 2-5. An ace serve by Steinhoff made it 9-20. Elbers added another kill followed by two kills from Deelstra 12-22. A pass from Steinhoff to Spykerboer to set up Aspen Shimp was the last point for H-BC before Edgerton won 13-25.
Team statistics:
Elbers: 10 kills, 7/9 serving with 1 ace, 2 blocks, 5 digs
Deelstra: 6 kills, 5/6 serving with 1 ace, 4 digs
Steinhoff: 5 kills, 8/8 serving with 2 aces
Bork: 7/9 serving with 1 ace, 6 digs
Anderson: 4/4 serving, 10 digs
Spykerboer: 4 kills, 10 set assists, 4 digs, 1 block
Rauk: 1 kill, 4/5 serving with 1 ace, 13 set assists, 7 digs
H-BC 0, St. Mary’s 3
The Patriots crossed the border to take on St. Mary’s in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, Monday night. St. Mary’s had no problem shutting the Patriots out in three sets.
Lanae Elbers and Larissa Steinhoff both tallied a point off kills in the first set. The Patriots were not able to get much going after that and lost 25-6.
In the second set, Grace Anderson passed to Brynn Rauk to set Elbers up for a kill 0-2. The score was tied at 5-5. Steinhoff added two kills and Elbers scored off a tip over the net before the set ended 25-15. 
St. Mary's came out with a big lead in the third set. Elbers passed to Bailey Spykerboer to set Layla Deelstra up for a kill 16-5. Spykerboer added an ace serve followed by a tip over the net by Deelstra to bring the score to 16-8. Both Steinhoff and Elbers added a kill before the set ended 25-13.

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