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Remember When Sept. 26, 2019

10 years ago (2009)
•First- and second-graders at Luverne Elementary have unearthed a stone in the playground that has even the grownups scratching their heads.
Elementary boys were playing with trucks and tractors in the dirt along the fence line where the playground slopes downhill to the west.
At first, the top of the stone surfaced, and the students noticed it was carved like a book with a partially visible message engraved.
The words appear to say, “Sacred to … of the infant & daughter of Mr. & … Asa.”
As the students, one recess at a time, continued to dig away at the rock, they found writing on the side as well.
The partial message on the side appears to say, “Our infant daughter.”
Elementary Principal Stacy Gillette said she attempted to leave the stone undisturbed where the students found it, but it wasn’t long before they dug it out entirely.
“They were just like little archeologists,” Gillette said. “They were out there scraping away at the dirt with little sticks.”
The stone is likely a grave marker or headstone, and Gillette has contacted the Rock County Historical Society for more answers.
25 years ago (1994)
•Rock County prides itself on being the “Gateway to Minnesota” with its strategic location on I-90 in the corner of the state.
Now, thanks to the Rock County Heartland Ex-press and its director Deb Fick, Rock County will soon be known as the “Gateway Out of Minnesota” in terms of transporting passengers to medical facilities in Sioux Falls.
One of the primary functions Heartland Express serves is to transport elderly and disabled people from their homes to doctor appointments. …
Fick said Heartland Express could transport 15 patients for the price of one, thus saving taxpayers money.
50 years ago (1969)
•A total of $172,061 will be distributed next year from sales tax receipts to Rock County in two equal installments, one on June 15 and one Nov. 15. The sales tax receipts will be used to help finance the operations of municipalities and school districts within Rock County.
Most of the payment, $142,667, will result from 1970 sales tax revenues and represents a 24 per cent increase of $26,970 over the 1969 distribution.
The balance of the payment will come from amounts collected but not previously distributed of $10,243 for 1968 and $19,151 for 1969. The revenues for 1968 and 1969 were actually higher than originally estimated.
75 years ago (1944)
•A farewell banquet, honoring the Rev. and Mrs. H. Calvin Knock was given by the Luverne Rotary club Monday evening at the Manitou hotel. Other guests included wives of Rotary members.
Rev. Knock, who has served as secretary of the organization for a number of years, was presented with a wallet, bearing the Rotary insignia.
The Rev. Mr. Knock has resigned his office, as he will move soon to Scottsbluff, Nebr. M. C. Munson has been elected secretary in his place.
100 years ago (1919)
•That Geo F. Duffee, the roof repairing crew foreman who was arrested here the latter part of last month by Deputy Sheriff Carver, of Martin county, on a serious charge preferred by a young lady of that county, is still at liberty is the information given out this week by a repre-sentative of the St. Louis paint company in whose employ Duffee was. …
Just before his arrest Duffee had completed the task of collecting from the different owners of business properties in Luverne for whom he had done work. In all such instances checks were tendered, and later, upon advice of the St. Louis concern steps were taken to stop payment on them. But thus far none of the checks have showed up in Luverne. …
Investigation has dis-closed that after escaping from the Martin county sheriff, Duffee went to Missouri, and at some engraving house had a duplicate plate of the St. Louis paint company’s check made. He has since kept well supplied with funds by filling out checks in his favor.
The method he has been using is to fill out a check and mail it to his own address in care of a hotel in a town which he reaches a day or two later. Upon arriving there he steps into the hotel in whose care the letter was sent, and after registering casually states that he should be receiving some funds from his company, and asks if there is any mail for him. He thereupon opens the letter which is awaiting him in the presence of the hotel representative, and natur-ally has no difficulty in having the enclosed check cashed.
This arrangement leaves him ample time in which to make his get-away to the next point of interest before the worthless check reaches the proper source.